April Fool’s Day 2024: Brands with hilarious pranks campaign

By Abimbola Mohammed

In an effort to increase brand awareness, talkability and engagement in an increasingly digital world, major corporations, brands, and even celebrities took advantage of the 2024 April Fool’s Day to get their target audience attention by creating pranks’ campaigns on social media.

April Fools’ Day is a day known all over the world as prank day, where families, friends, colleagues, etc create mischievous stories just to have fun. Over the years some brands and businesses have seen this day as an opportunity to create attention around a product or service.

Prank days have so much become a marketing strategy for businesses that they all try to outdo each other with creative campaigns around the day. Some brands even troll their consumers with fake food, fake products, interesting spins on their products and more.

Here is a roundup of the best pranks and gags from this year’s April Fool’s Day:

Domino’s Pizza

At first glance, this activation by Domino’s Pizza encouraged their customer base by going green and introduced the idea of hand-carrying their pizzas as a hilarious way of promoting sustainability. In its caption however, the pizza brand wished their viewers a happy April Fool’s Day, engaging them in a thought-provoking and wholesome green prank.

Pizza Hut 

Fancy a Hawaiian pizza cake anyone? Pizza Hut has you covered with an April Fool’s launch. In its post, it noted how pineapples on pizza have been a huge hit among customers and how they have decided to level it up with the use of cakes.


Dating app Tinder announced a new April Fools’ Day hiring quest for a Vice President of Ghost Hunting to help combat “one of dating culture’s most prevalent vices ghosting,” a practice inflicted on 78% of singles already in 2024 (an untrue fact from Tinder).

Prime Video 

Prime Video has unveiled a Jaggu Dada Mode, a faux feature that allows users to watch their favourite shows and movies in the iconic vocabulary of the legendary Jackie Shroff a.k.a Jaggu Dada. The playful hoax planned for April Fool’s Day, gave the audiences a glimpse of what their favourite shows and movies would sound like with this mode turned on, with Jaggu Dada’s dub lending a hilarious touch to each scene.

In a parody of a traditional feature ad, B-Town’s beloved Bhidu or Jackie Shroff himself showcased how he would dub over fan-favourite and iconic shows like Pataal Lok and The Family Man, infusing them with his trademark slang. The outcome? Cult dialogues got Bhidu-fied, just like everything else he does.

Adidas Box Shoe

Adidas describes the Box Shoe on its Adidas Confirmed app as “blurring the line between product and packaging” and a “statement piece that elevates every look.”

Given the weird designer shoes we’ve seen lately, it’s not a stretch to believe that Adidas would create a chunky shoe that resembles an upside-down shoe box. Adidas’ Box Shoes are in classic blue with the signature three stripes in white. Additionally, the Box Shoes include white fat laces.

Domin-O’s Pizza cereal

On Instagram, pizza retailer Domino’s introduced Pizza Cereal, the breakfast revolution you’ve been craving!

“Made with twice-cooked pizza dough for extra crunch, succulent pieces of pepperoni, and gooey mozzarella – each spoonful is PACKED with a flavour explosion to start your day the right way!” the post said.

“Want that extra-sweet kick? Try it with fresh pieces of pineapple!”

To accompany the April Fools prank, Pepsico introduced Extra Flamin’ Hot’ which went on sale in the UK last week. The hot new flavour, available across the Walkers MAX, Doritos and Wotsits Crunchy range, has been given ‘spicy’ reviews by some snack lovers for whom the heat has proved too much.

To douse rising temperatures, Extra Flamin’ Hot bosses have decided to sell milk miniatures alongside the snacks, the news being released on ‘April Fool’s Day’ where members of the public, alongside organisations and brands, play pranks on the public.


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