X offers advertisers new safety features that control content close to their ads

By Abimbola Mohammed

X, the microblogging site formerly known as Twitter, has announced that it’s offering advertisers new ways to have brand safety control over the type of content that appears near their ads with the ‘sensitive setting’.

To ensure the “sensitivity settings” that allow advertisers to choose between different types of content filtering for their ads; X partnered with Integral Ad Sciences, its own safety partner.

“We believe free expression and platform safety are not at odds and we want to empower brands to join the conversation on their terms.”

In a tweet by Xbusiness page @XBuusiness read: “X remains committed to brand safety and we continue to build more controls for advertisers. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our extended partnership with @integralads to provide additional pre-bid brand safety & suitability solutions to help advertisers achieve their unique suitability needs. But that’s not all, we’re also announcing two new capabilities: Sensitivity Settings and Enhanced Blocklist for advertisers.”

According to X the launch of pre-bid Adjacency Controls is “a great example of our commitment”, adding that more than 1,900 global advertisers now use the solution to avoid adjacency to undesired keywords and handles with more than a 99% efficacy rate.

X said the new Sensitivity Settings, which will enable advertisers to align their brand’s messaging with content on X, will be available in the coming weeks within the X Ads Manager.

Sensitivity Settings is an automated solution that will use machine learning to “help brands establish the right balance between reach and suitability when it comes to ad placement on the platform.”


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