Why providing pleasant calling experience helps your bottom line

It has been said that customer service call centres are comprised of company representatives who do not care about customers and their needs. A common complaint from customers is that their time is not valued because they are often put on hold for long periods of time and sometimes do not get to speak with a representative. For this reason and others, some people avoid call centres.

Customer service is vital to a company’s success and bottom line because how good or bad a customer’s experience was with the company could determine if they remain a customer or not. Companies that provide pleasant, high-quality customer service are more successful in the long run compared to those who do not.

Businesses that want to improve their quality of customer service should utilise the best call centre software, a unique omnichannel communication platform provided by Bright Pattern. This platform makes customer service experiences more pleasant for customers because it connects them to agents by means of phone calls, emails, live chats, and SMS, among other communication channels. Using this technology eliminates the need for putting customers on hold for unnecessarily long times or transferring their calls from one agent to another.

Bright Pattern’s software is versatile and can be used by any type of business. This unique communication platform is assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). Virtual assistants and bots can be used to provide instant customer service and self-service options, aiding the work of human agents and increasing the productivity of call centres. To ensure that the company gives consistent customer service, the software enables calls to be monitored and recorded, and provides analytics of the call centre. With this detailed information, companies can observe and evaluate customer service interactions and agent performance, as well as be aware of call centre trends and call outcomes.

Consistent high-quality customer service is key because positive customer service drives high returns for a business. Satisfied customers are more likely to become regular customers and are more likely to spend more money on services and products compared to unsatisfied customers.

Providing a pleasant calling experience for customers contributes to a company’s prosperity, as customer service experiences can make or break purchases, which impacts the company’s bottom line. For instance, if a customer calls a customer service centre for support before making a purchase, how good or bad they perceive their experience to be can be a deciding factor in whether they proceed with the purchase or not.

It is imperative for companies to provide pleasant calling experiences and positive customer service because customers and potential customers can be lost and gained by word of mouth. An unsatisfied customer who complains about poor customer service can deter potential and regular customers from the company. Likewise, a satisfied customer who raves about a superb customer service experience can attract potential clients to the company and encourage regular customers to remain loyal. Consistently providing pleasant customer service can impress customers and potential clients, and give a company a good reputation that allows them to be distinguished from their competitors.

Pleasant customer service calls are helpful to the bottom line because customers who have positive customer service experiences and are impressed with the products and services they receive are less likely to file complaints, return products, or request refunds.

Ultimately, both customers and companies benefit from pleasant customer service and call experiences. Companies owe it to their customers to prioritise their needs and ensure that the products and services they offer are satisfactory, because customer satisfaction is essential to a company’s growth, financial success, and sustainability.

Source: Bizcommunity


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