Why online learning is a good idea for upskilling staff

For the last number of years, the online learning industry has grown in leaps and bounds. And this growth trajectory doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. For example, recent statistics show that, by 2025, the online learning industry is slated to be worth $325 billion. (At the time of writing this release, this amount equated to roughly R4.6 billion.)
Online learning is an attractive option for upskilling your staff members. “This,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director of the Digital School of Marketing, “is because it offers a number of benefits that classroom learning doesn’t provide students.”
Not geographically bound
One of the most significant benefits of online learning is that it’s not geographically restricted. What this means is that you don’t physically have to be in the same place as the lecturer is for you to reap the benefits of what they have to teach.
This has massive positive cost implications. “Say, for instance, that you’re in South Africa and want to do a course, which is run by a renowned thought leader in your industry who is based in the United States. Without online learning, you would have to find yourself to the States to attend the course as well as pay for your accommodation, food, etc., (in US dollars, which will add up). However, if the course is online, you can study it where you are and not have to incur costs that you wouldn’t normally have to,” says Schneider.
Scalable solution
Another great benefit of online learning is that no-one gets turned away because of physical limitations, such as venue capacity. As online learning is an incredibly scalable solution, everyone who wants to do the course can do so.
Online learning in the digital marketing space
People are spending more and more time online. In fact, it was reported at the beginning of last year that the average South African spends over eight hours a day online. What this statistic means for businesses is that because people are spending so much time glued to their laptops and smart devices, they are not taking much notice of any offline marketing that you may be putting out.
“The result of this is that businesses need to develop digital marketing strategies and skills so that they can reach their target audiences where they are,” concludes Schneider. “This means that people need to attend an accredited digital marketing course so that they can develop the skills that they require in order to compete in this ever-changing world.”
Source: Bizcommunity


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