We pride ourselves on keeping up to date when it comes to technology – Trevor

Trevor Henning is the Head of Operations, EXP Group Africa Productions. In this interview with MARKETING EDGE, he points out how the agency takes a lot of pride in investing in creative talents.

How has it been managing the operations of EXP and GA Productions?

GA itself is an events production company. I was with GA since inception. Back in 2001, I was part of the pioneer team so I’ve seen how GA has impacted the industry and how it has been the backbone of the events segment in Nigeria. Back then, it was recognised as a leading company in the industry and I’ve always stayed within the group. Although I went to Kenya and a couple of other countries but I kept coming back to GA. The opportunity arose when the vision of a new strategy came and I was part of that vision. It was a challenge that I had relished and I’m glad to be back again.

What are the major challenges facing experiential agencies in Nigeria?

The biggest challenge is remaining creative, efficient and relevant to our clients and to what the industry needs. It’s typical for any business and it’s the same for us as well and also to deliver continuous experience. It’s not about the equipment that you have but how you use it. Technology has moved; devices that used to be very big are now smaller and cheaper as well. So, the main challenge is to retain the clients and keep attracting top class clients.

What measures have you taken to ensure team building and capacity development in EXP?

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date when it comes to technology. We interact a lot with international people and we do a lot of international shows so we are continually exposed to the latest industry standards that are demanded by these international acts. Standards cannot be compromised, so we have to continually be exposed to trainings, attend fairs and keep updating and upgrading skills.

We have a training that GA is well known for. We bring young stars in and help bring them up through the industry and we are the only company that does that in the production business. We raise them even up to international standards.

What do you think stands EXP out from other agencies?

Our heritage is very strong. We have a proven and reliable track record, and what stands us out is our people. We take a lot of pride in our people and a lot of investments and efforts go into them. We show that we own our own supply chain; whether its human resources or technical resources. Managing an event from concept to execution is what sets us apart and others know that. It’s about the people and nothing else.

This is your second time working in EXP. What new value are you bringing to boost the growth of the agency?

Part of my leadership role and international experience is staying ahead of the curve, having passion and commitment, having a good strategy to lead and to also implement the strategy. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where passion meets what you do for your day to day job. For me, it’s about buying into the vision, strategy and growth of GA and working towards making it remain the premier events production agency on the leading edge.


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