Voriancorelli matches buyers and sellers

Convenience is one of the most essential elements of a customer-centric business. The perception of convenience and how to craft it into a business for the customer is as important as the business itself. The real success of modern commerce is the provision of a platform where buyers and sellers can meet to conveniently transact business. The ease of knowing who sells what and where to get it eases up the tension in a consumer.

This is what Voriancorelli does as a business by providing that convenience and security for consumers and suppliers in the Agric eco-system to meet and do business. The company plies its trade in five major sectors, which include Agriculture, Health, Education, Power, and Financial Services. Voriancorelli serves as a B2B solutions platform for service suppliers and buyers to do real commerce by providing technical, financial and market support. No wonder the company is known as the demand and supply matchmaker by providing efficient payment platform through e-wallets, and e-payment services.

The company Chief Executive Officer Rufus Udechukwu has this to say about what makes Voriancorelli stand out: “We are chasing a $40billion sector in Agriculture. We do not want to reinvent the will but rather, enable players with simple tools, data, and information to increase turnover. We are firmly interested in the growth of your business”.  This presents Voriancorelli as the brand to watch in the Nigerian business environment.

According to the company Chairman, Bolaji Akinboro, “We provided a platform that we call “The Matching App” for Africa’s $300b Agriculture sector. The platform matches buyers, sellers, logistics partners, financers, and food processors together and ensures that they can pay each other, interact securely. We will use this capability within our anchor segment to pivot into other sectors like health, power and financial services. We provide online and offline tools, operational and technical support to stakeholders in our ecosystem. We make Africa’s fragmented marketplaces work efficiently for everyone”.


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