Unilever to change toothpaste tube package

Unilever, a multinational consumer goods company, has announced plans to switch to recyclable packaging by 2025 in response to environmental concerns and rising waste management.

This repackaging decision will see the Unilever’s oral care brands which include Signal, Pepsodent and Close-up being packaged in recyclable plastic that can be easily collected and recycled into new products.

Unilever will flag off the initiative in its two biggest markets, France and India, where the company has partnered with waste management authorities to facilitate the collection and recyclability of the new products.

In response to this initiative, Executive Vice President, Global Skin Cleansing and Oral Care at Unilever, Samir Singh, said: “We can see the impact on the planet every day, including billions of toothpaste tubing dumped in landfills each year, so by 2025 this latest packaging innovation will move the entire toothpaste portfolio to recyclable tubing. It’s been a long and difficult journey to reach this point, and we hope that this transformation will be a catalyst for change in the wider industry. “

Unilever toothpaste tubes are made from a combination of plastic and aluminum which makes it difficult to package and recycle.

However, the new repacked tubes are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is one of the most widely recyclable plastics globally and will also make the plastic thin to reduce the volume needed for production and reducing the environmental impact.

Recy Class, which sets recyclability standards for laboratories in Europe, Asia and North America has approved the new design, consequently, the new tubes can be recycled within a standard recycling stream.

The company plans to make the innovation available for adoption by other companies to drive environmental change in a wider range of industries with focus to collaborating with a global recycling organisation to ensure proper collection and recycle of the new tubes.


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