Understand the blend of traditional and digital media to remain relevant – Odia

By Seun Johnson

For marketing professionals to successfully navigate the challenging terrain and stay ahead of their game in the industry’ especially in 2024, it is important for them to understand the blend of traditional and digital media.

This submission was made recently by the Managing Director, Starcom Media Perspectives, Jude Odia during an interactive session with MARKETING EDGE team at his office.

X-raying the challenges faced by the industry in 2023, the brand strategist revealed that, an attempt to find a way of putting better regulations in the market and a good blend between the offline and online marketing, constituted major challenges that were experienced by IMC players.

While maintaining that digital media has come to stay, Odia insisted that traditional media is going nowhere and will continue, irrespective of the disruption online marketing has created and is still creating in the industry.

He, however, believes that professionals must understand a good blend between the two communication channels in order to key into the future of the entire marketing ecosystem.

“Some people are on the extreme. It’s either somebody tells you online marketing is here and traditional marketing is going to die. Traditional guys are somewhere struggling to survive and we are still going to be relevant. I’m saying none will go to the grave. Digital has come to stay, traditional media will remain there. However, the consumers will continue to muff and the consumer does not engage in these two divide in isolation. They could be on digital and at the same time, on traditional.

“So, how best do we understand how to integrate communication for the consumer? It means a blend of your mainstream and digital. Whoever can learn how best to blend it would win ultimately. But you can’t stay at the extreme and eat the bigger pie. You need to come to the middle where you integrate very well and have the consumer at the heart of what you do. Then you become very relevant in this space,” he said.


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