Transition clients from paid to owned media – Oyedeji 

By Abimbola Mohammed

Dr. Tayo Oyedeji, CEO, Publicis Groupe/ Redefini, has stressed the importance for professionals to look beyond paid digital marketing promotion and embrace owned or earned digital marketing plans.

According to the expert, any marketing that uses electronic devices can be used by marketing specialists to convey promotional messaging and most importantly measure its impact through the consumer journey.

Dr. Oyediji, while explaining the importance of owned or earned digital marketing, said: “When we think about digital marketing, the first thing is to understand what it is and what it is not. Digital marketing is an electronic device, it can be used by marketing specialists for promotional messaging and, most importantly, measure its impact through the consumer journey.

“A lot of times when we talk about digital marketing, we think about it in terms of buying platforms like Google. If you go to a digital media specialist, they will tell you I can buy you Facebook, I can buy you Twitter and Instagram, but that is not all there is to it. Some of the best marketing I have seen in the world in terms of digital marketing, didn’t even have a digital marketing budget.”

He argued that digital marketing doesn’t always have to be paid for, but can be owned or earned, citing Tesla as an instance. “Tesla has never paid a dime for digital marketing and it’s intentional. So, the intentional marketing aspect of it basically is to use the founder as the basis for marketing as Elon Musk has almost a hundred million Twitter followers.

“The most effective direct consumer marketers that I know are actually just using a newsletter, others use podcasts and all of a sudden you see people build amazing brands without spending a dime on digital marketing. But it’s the entire expenditure from paid to owned, to earned media that is important in terms of how we use promotional messages to reach target audience.”

Explaining how paid media can be a dependable source for bumping traffic, he noted that online paid campaigns can be turned up or down almost instantaneously. Yet, to get these campaigns to perform requires rigorous monitoring, testing, and tweaking with a solid understanding of online analytics.

“The number one way to monetize an agency is paid media because if you build a paid media for your clients, they will depend on you to run it in many ways and you can also monetize effectively. One of the most important things about paid media is that it can’t get yanked off. So the more we can transition our client from paid to owned media the better for us.”

Using the presidential candidate as an example of a well owned media, he added: “One of the most effective uses of marketing I have ever seen in Nigeria was the Peter Obi campaign. They are not selling a product; what they are selling is a person and an idea. If you look across all digital spectrums, in Nigeria every single person is talking about this gentleman. Somebody did a study and showed that almost 87% of political conversation in Nigeria has a Peter Obi component.

“That is huge – so whoever is working for the gentle man has sort of done a good job that all of a sudden the entire country is talking about him. That is effective marketing; it doesn’t have to be paid. He has organically been able to use digital marketing to sell the idea of himself as a candidate.”

“In terms of owned media, Peter Obi has been able to build a model that ensures that people are talking about him and if you were to monetize how much people are talking about him, in terms of earned media, you will see that he spent the most by far without spending a dime in terms of political marketing in Nigeria,” Dr. Adedeji noted.


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