The themes that will shape Cannes Lions 2020 programme

The Cannes Lions’ content team has carried out substantial research with more than 1500 industry individuals to develop eight 2020 Festival themes.

According to a statement, detailed interviews were also conducted with more than 100 industry-leading Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Creative Officers, brand leaders, strategists and CEOs to structure the themes around the most business-critical areas of branded marketing and communications to drive the creative agenda globally.

“Here at Cannes Lions HQ we have conducted extensive research. We’ve worked in partnership with hundreds of the most influential brands, agencies, media owners and consultancies in the world to understand how we can help you solve your challenges.

“This year’s eight themes are defined by some of the most brilliant and inspired minds in the industry. These eight 2020 Festival themes are defined by some of the most brilliant and inspired minds in our industry,” the statement said.

The eight themes are: Creativity is the Business Growth Engine; Creative Disruption in Commerce; Post-purpose: Brand Accountability and Activism; Your Brand is my Experience; Looking to 2030: Making your Business Future-fit; Applied Creativity: When Data, Tech and Ideas Collide; Storytelling at Scale and Let’s Get Back to Brand.


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