Sunlight launches fast oil stain removal dishwashing liquid

Unilever Nigeria, world renowned producer of Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG) and maker of Sunlight dishwashing liquid, in its quest to make dishwashing easy and exciting, has reformulated Sunlight dishwashing liquid. The newly re-launched product now comes in two variants , ‘Lemon and Regular’.  Each variant has its unique attribute and promises ‘fast oil stain removal in 1 wipe’.

Speaking on the newly re-launched product, the Senior Brand Manager, Princess Nnaji pointed out that, “Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid provides consumers the benefits of a long-lasting dishwashing liquid, cuts through tough and stubborn stains, and effectively removes grease from dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, and glassware in one wipe.”

The superior proposition of Sunlight in the campaign confirms the dishwashing solution as an appropriate, suitable, and satisfying option for consumers, restaurants, and caterers looking for solutions for quick dishwashing and faster removal of greases and stain in dishes.

Nnaji affirmed that the in response to feedbacks from consumers and the general public, Unilever came up with this improved Liquid dishwasher that has adequately addressed the needs of the consumers. According to her, Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid was reintroduced to make dishwashing for everyone less stressful and time-consuming. “We have our ears to the ground and make timely improvements to ensure continuous consumer satisfaction”, she stressed.

She assured the consuming public that the era of using sand, ash, and detergent which are inadequate solutions for dishwashing and removal of stubborn oil stains is over. This is because Sunlight Dishwashing liquid has come to address the hassles and inadequacies of these poor substitutes and offer the public a stress-free dishwashing experience with superior degreasing benefits against the toughest oil stains in dishes.

The campaign deployed in various media platforms showcases Sunlight’s ‘fast oil stain removal in 1 wipe’ as being of better value, thereby demonstrating to consumers that theirs is the brand of choice for doing dishes right and faster.


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