Steve Babaeko’s X3M Ideas berths in Southern Central African markets

Five years after he set up X3M Ideas, and built it into one of the leading creative houses in Nigeria, Steven Babaeko is now set to explore new frontiers and conquer new territories with the establishment of X3M Ideas SA PTY, an offshore company with presence in South Central African markets.

It is the first major foray into the highly competitive Southern African market, by any Nigerian agency and represents a daring strategic move by X3M Group to become a major player on the African continent.

CASERS Group is the only other Nigerian network with significant offshore footprint. The network has presence in Benin, Congo-Brazzaville, Cameroon, Guinea-Conakry, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and a minority stake in a Ghanaian agency.

According Steve Babaeko, who broke the news this morning his social media handle, X3M Ideas SA PTY, though a part of the X3M Group, will operate as an independent company, with a separate board from the Nigerian operation. The new network will drive the Group’s business footprint in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Babaeko noted that the expansion plan was a part of X3M Idea’s strategic five year plan. “Part of our 5 year plan was to extend the frontier of our operation to other parts of Africa. It’s been a tough and challenging adventure, a big lesson in patience and perseverance. All said and done, it gives me immense pleasure to officially announce our operation in South Central Africa,” Babaeko said on his facebook wall.

“X3M Ideas SA PTY is now the arrowhead of our enterprise that is currently driving our footprint across South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This operation is part of the X3M Group but it’s a wholly independent operation with a different Board.

“Like I always tell our team, we are the Marines of the advertising Industry; we look challenges in the eyes and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. We are X3M. Our dream is to leave indelible footprints across this great continent, this is only the beginning,” Babaeko said.

Babaeko’s X3M ideas is one of the new generation agencies in Nigeria that are changing the advertising landscape through daring entrepreneurship and bold creativity. Within only five years, the agency has become a leading force in Nigeria’s creative ecosystem.

In the last couple of year, X3M Ideas has become one of the most awarded agencies in Nigeria. It has dominated the annual LAIF award and also boasts of a collection of international awards. And recently it carted home 13 cristals at the recently concluded African Cristals held in Marrakesh, Morocco.


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