Stakeholders express optimism over rebirth of African brands at AFRIBIS Award

By Felicia Nwosu

The much-awaited African Brands Innovators Summit and Awards, otherwise known as AFRIBIS Award, was recently held in Lagos, with several brands emerging winners in recognition of excellence, innovation, and impactful contributions across various sectors. The event was organised by the Allied Integrated Promotion and Management Limited.

Delivering his presentation during the Summit on the theme: Navigating the Future: The Unveiling of Africa’s Brand Renaissance in 2024,” Oluyemi Anjorin, Human Resources Specialist at Siliad Professional Support Services, shared some best practices and innovative strategies that brand owners and custodians can explore to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving business landscape to unlock the power to rebirth.

He expressed optimism that through a collective effort, innovation and infusion of African cultural heritage, African brands have been able to witness a rebirth in several ramifications. He maintained that this new shift has helped to usher in a fresh global narrative to the continent.

“The rebirth of the Africa brand in 2024 signifies a resurgence of the continent’s image and identity globally. This resurgence is marked with economic growth, cultural vibrancy and technological innovation. It is shaping the perception of Africa from being solely associated with poverty, conflict and underdevelopment. The continent is rather recognized for its potential, creativity and dynamism,” he added.

Anjorin averred that there are several factors and opportunities contributing to brand renaissance which include digital transformation, increased regional integration, and entrepreneurial spirit amongst others. He pointed out that one of the strongest factors driving and contributing to the rebirth of Africa’s youthful population which is vigorously and creatively contributing in diverse forms. He urged brands to leverage their talents and creative ingenuity.

On his part, Dr. Joseph Edem, Principal Consultant / CEO, Dynamic Global Concepts & Founder, NBA (Natella Business Academy), attested to the various challenges confronting African brands from all-round growth. He, however, acknowledged the presence of immense opportunities and socio-economic disparity, while emphasizing the need to ensure responsible and ethical business practices.

“Challenges help you to identify potential opportunities available if you are on the right thinking perspective. Yes, there are challenges and opportunities for African sustenance. You have a socio-economic disparity in Africa. But to have sustainable development we need to maintain a positive perception of Africa’s brand globally. Locally and internationally, the right business ethics pays off. Don’t be in the middle. Don’t be in the mainstream of wanting to make immediate gain; you cannot jump beyond the business ethics which is fundamental for business growth.

“So this is the story about how you must be conscious and intentional for your brand to stand out. Cultural richness is very important. Brands can showcase Nigeria’s diverse cultural heritage through their products, services and marketing campaigns.”

Participating brands were also given the opportunity to market their brands using the AFRIBIS Award platform. In celebrating the exceptional achievements of brands driving innovation and fostering economic advancement in Africa, the event came to a climax as several brands emerged winners at various categories, in recognition of their resilience, ingenuity and milestone contributions to Africa’s growth and development.


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