Stakeholders chart path to better targeted contents creation

By Felicia Nwosu

It was the gathering of industry leaders cut across various sectors of the Nigeria advertising space, including content owners as they converged at the 2024 MIPAN’s Media Sales Conference with the theme: “Navigating the Future of Media Sales Within a Touch Economic Landscape.”

The conference which was held at the Radisson Blu, Ikeja, Lagos, provided
a unique opportunity for such business leaders to deliberate on how to navigate the activities of both the media planners and buyers, as well as content owners.

This, they stated, is to achieve desired growth and result by creating relevant,creative, compelling and well- targeted contents aimed at increasing engagement and conversion that will constantly boost client’s return on investment.

The erudite and iconic speakers at the event unanimously emphasised the need for professionals to develop appealing and impactful content that effectively communicates the message within the limited viewing time with the ability to leave a lasting impression with premium value.

Speaking on the perspective of the out-of-home sector, Abunene Omo,-Kingsley, Vice President of the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of Nigeria, OAAN, who represented the president, Sola, Akinsiku,while x-raying the critical success factors in delivering ROI on out-of-home, also underscored some of the challenges mitigating the growth of the sector.

The OOH chief pointed out that in recent times, the activities of media buyers have caused a reduction from the out-of-home media share of the pie , leading to a shrinkage while calling for strategic placement of contents.

He urged professionals to shun favouritism so as to foster professionalism by giving jobs to only those who understand the rudiments of OOH practice.

“We see paddy deployments around here. Because the brand manager is my friend, so just bring your board and put it. When you are driving sometimes, you see some brands on certain boards and you wonder, what is happening here? Who did this? How is this happening? And you know the strange thing?
You will see that board displaying front and back. One year, two years, three. You will be wondering.

“Meanwhile, better boards with better traffic are not getting campaigns. Funny enough, what we’ve always noticed is that there come a time you won’t see any campaign on that board again, because those paddy partners have probably left the position of authority, so the board has become barren. But for the period that that lasted, the client was losing money.”

Another notable personality in the media planning and buying landscape,Yinka Adebayo, Media Director of mediaReach OMD, spoke on how to navigate to target right with the right content that adds value.

“The key focus, as I said earlier, is the value. What value is on the table? The blind will see, and the deaf will hear.
Continuing, Adebayo said, ” When people like your content, they share it on your behalf. You are able to face it
Efficiency is also key, you need to look at the whole sentiment to make sure that this is not too expensive, value is being given, or at the right price, so that the client is not feeling cheated, neither are you experiencing any loss.

Delving into the perspective of branded content & sponsorship properties, Yetunde Shobanjo, the managing director of Quore Media, shared how
branded content focuses on storytelling and helps build the brand.

According to her, they are created specifically for brands as they tell the brands’ story and establishes a stronger connection and engagement between the brand and the consumer.
“We should use data to determine the type of content our audience are exposed to, where they consume their content, how they consume it, and what time/day they consume it. The media industry has enough research and data (AMPS & Diaries) to guide regular media planning and buying, stations to buy, time of the day, day of the week, etc.


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