South African startup Adbot expands to Nigeria in MTN partnership

By Joseph Ekeng
South African advertising technology startup, Adbot, has announced its expansion into Nigeria through a strategic partnership with MTN Nigeria, the nation’s largest telecommunications company. Adbot specializes in AI-powered automated ad campaign management, boasting the capability to get Google and Bing ads online for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in just 10 minutes.
In a significant move for the Nigerian business landscape, Adbot will extend its services to all SMEs on MTN Nigeria’s network, aligning with MTN’s Thryve Google Ads services. The MTN Thryve Google Ads Bundle, aimed at SMEs, includes 1GB of data, a minimum of 10 website conversions, and 500 ad views on Google.
Users of the service provide essential details such as target location, keywords, and ad copy. Adbot’s system then takes these inputs, launching ad campaigns and utilizing machine learning to continuously optimize them, ensuring maximum click-through rates while keeping costs to a minimum.
Lynda Saint-Nwafor, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN Nigeria, expressed her excitement about the partnership, emphasizing how it will empower Nigerian SMEs to harness the power of search engines and digital platforms, ultimately accelerating their growth prospects.
Adbot first made headlines when it announced its seed round in June of this year. Founder Michelle Geere cited a crucial reason for the company’s expansion into Nigeria, stating that the concept of automation in advertising was still not widely understood in South Africa. The move into the Nigerian market presents an opportunity for Adbot to educate and demonstrate that automated online advertising can be executed on a much larger scale than the prevailing social media advertising practices common in the West African nation.
Michelle Geere, in an address to the media, expressed her enthusiasm for this significant milestone, saying, “This partnership marks a momentous milestone as we venture into Nigeria, a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. By teaming up with the nation’s largest telecoms company, we have an extraordinary opportunity to bring our cutting-edge advertising tool within reach of over 40 million MSMEs in the region.”
With this partnership between Adbot and MTN Nigeria, the future looks promising for Nigerian SMEs seeking efficient and automated advertising solutions, and it reflects the growing trend of innovative collaborations in Africa’s tech and business sectors.


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