Saeidi tasks marketing professionals on changes in consumer behaviour

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Sasan Saeidi, the Chairman & World President of the International Advertising Association (IAA), has charged marketing professionals to up their game as there are expectations of certain consumer behavioural changes in 2023.

Stating this on the association’s LinkedIn page, he noted that those in the business of brands, connections, people and creativity should expect certain behaviours in 2023 based on the current demand curve formed from wider industry conglomerates and leaders.

“If I were to create a playbook for 2023, here is what a few of those chapters will focus on: From Data Lakes to Delight: We are only going to become more reliant on first-party data to create more relevant, comfortable, and appealing experiences for the consumer. So let’s get analyzing, let’s get smarter with the way we are breaking down the signals and how we are using the signals of the data lake to delight. Delight = Conversion.

“Marketers are more focused on the short term Vs the long term more than ever. I understand that we need to think about sales and share price all the time; but if we don’t sacrifice a little margin in the short term to invest in the long-term brand building, we will diminish brand health in the long run. Our marketing playbook should not be focused on Wall Street; it should be focused on the high street and building B2B & B2C brands that are human,” Saeidi said.

“Shaping the future of work, we need to help our industry talent to remain in love with brands; marketing, and advertising and stay invested. Quitting, the growing talent drain, and an uncertain future of work fuelled by the debate of remote Vs in-office are real challenges for business. But we are ultimately in the people business. We need to get creative with our future work blueprints and it starts with empathy,” he added.

Advising marketers to be authentic and specialized, he said: “Don’t be everything. Less is more in 2023. There is too much distraction out there and it’s not helping marketing. Brands are doing too many things inconsistently and doing them badly. Let’s help brands focus on their reason for existence and ensure their playbook is governed by their singular value proposition.”


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