PUNCH sacks top management, editorial leadership, replaces with freshers

In a major management shake-up, Punch Nigeria Limited, the publisher of PUNCH online and newspaper titles, has sacked its top editorial and administrative staff through enforced resignations, notwithstanding the outstanding performances of the affected employees.

The tsunami which has become part of the newspaper’s DNA affects the Editor of The PUNCH, Adedayo Oketola, and the Editor of PUNCH Weekend Titles, Olusola Fabiyi, along with their deputies and several key managers across different divisions.

This shake-up included the removal of the Editor of The PUNCH, Adedayo Oketola, and the Editor of PUNCH Weekend Titles, Olusola Fabiyi, along with their deputies and other key managers.

The board’s decision, which was recently revealed, mandated the resignations of Deputy Editor of The PUNCH, Olaniyi Odebode, and redeployment of Deputy Editor of Weekend Titles, Yusuff Moshood, to PUNCH Digital as Deputy Editor.

Additionally, Controller of Business and Finance, Bayode Olukotun; General Manager of Corporate Services, Olufolakemi Gbemuotor; and Chief Accountant, Michael Adegbola, were also asked to resign.

The affected editors were given a one-month notice period for their resignation, while the administrative staff were given a three-month notice.

This restructuring decision came ahead of the planned retirement of some employees, such as Mrs. Gbemuotor, who will be retiring next year after 34 years of meritorious service with the company.

The abrupt change has surprised many within the organization, given the recent accolades received by the departing editors as Mr. Oketola was named Editor of the Year and led The PUNCH to win the Newspaper of the Year award at the Nigeria Media Merit Awards in December 2023, while Mr. Fabiyi was recognized as the best manager by the company.

Despite these accolades, the company proceeded with the restructuring, describing it as part of a broader reorganization across all divisions.

New acting editors have been appointed in the person of Oyetunji Abioye who will be wearing a new cap as Editor of The PUNCH, Samson Folarin will be henceforth occupy the position of Editor of Weekend Titles, ‘Tana Aiyejina as Deputy Editor of The PUNCH, and Tessy Igomu as Deputy Editor of Weekend Titles. These changes according to the notable media house will take effect on July 22, 2024.

Meanwhile, Abioye, as the new acting Editor of The PUNCH, has committed to upholding the publication’s journalistic standards and addressing current industry challenges.

In a similar vein, Folarin, the new acting Editor of Weekend Titles, and Aiyejina, previously Editor of PUNCH SportsExtra, have pledged to sustain the newspaper’s leadership. Igomu, who joined PUNCH as Chief Correspondent in 2020, will focus on maintaining the company’s success in her new role.


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