PR experts task practitioners on tech innovation

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Public relations experts have stressed the need for industry practitioners to leverage technology in continual innovation in order to engage more in research and measurement to bring appropriate value to their service delivery.

This was disclosed at a recent event on Twitter Space during the World Public Relations Day, which gathered quite a number of practitioners.

Commenting on the use of technology, Emma Wenani, Chief Director, GMA Communication, Ghana, said: “PR practitioners need to be digitally savvy to be able to advise our clients in the digital space economy. We should be able to meet the same results our clients are used to, and even more because PR is moving towards technology.”

She also advised organisations to move PR to the strategic role they are meant to play, to assist with issues that have to do with organisational development to bring in more.

Also commenting, Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, President of Africa Public Relations Association (APRA), said: “We are going to be more accountable in our services; we are going to be more engaged in research in terms of intelligence so that we can give appropriate value to what we bring to the table.”

Another speaker, Oba B, a PR expert, said: “It is important to use technology as a means of driving engagement. PR is now about engaging and having conversation, brands want to know what the consumers are saying about them, how PR plays that role to drive conversation, engage with consumers and keep that engagement going is crucial.”

“Measurement is also important for PR practitioners for now and for the future. When you are showing your client the value you are giving, it has to be in number, unlike in the past when we didn’t have numbers to back our fact. We have to be disciplined enough to commit to numbers and deliver the number,” he noted.


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