OAAN endorses Billbod App, designed to transform Nigeria’s outdoor space

In line with the digital trend that has been positively disrupting various industries across the world, a team of young industry players, led by Oyekan Babajide, has come up with an innovative app aimed at transforming the outdoor advertising business in Nigeria.

Named Billbod App, the latest innovation serves as an intelligent data warehousing tool that provides real-time representation of billboards on the platform, and  is designed to transform the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry in Nigeria when fully operational.

The app developer, Mr. Babajide, who is also the Team Lead at Billbod Journal, while explaining the app’s deliverables, said the locally developed application has received the nod and endorsement of the President of Outdoor Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (OAAN), Mr. Emmanuel Ajufo. He also revealed that other industry players, including Elev8 Media have indicated interest in the app, too.

Speaking further, he said the latest technology allows users to monitor, manage and track the true state and status of billboards using mobile devices.

Mr. Babajide noted that the platform was developed in collaboration with Lagos State School of Communication who provided the team with about fifty contributors to the Billbod platform.

On how the service offering works, he said the platform provides two types of users, which comprises owners of the billboard and advertisers on the billboard, including the media agencies, media buyers and advertising agencies.  He added that while the OOH advertising agencies put their assets on the platform for monitoring and measurement, the media buyers, advertisers and the advertising agencies search for the billboards.

“While they search for these billboards with coordinates, they get the billboard in real time to know what these billboards look like. What this means is that a billboard owner cannot lie to an advertiser that he has a billboard in a particular location when he does not.

So, if he tells an advertiser or a media buyer that he has a billboard at Oshogbo for instance, the media buyer can actually go on the app and search for the billboard. If the billboard is in truth in Oshogbo, the app will bring it out with its coordinate. In addition, it also tells the media buyer the number of people that see the billboard through measurements.

Explaining further, Mr. Babajide said that the Billbod App is fitted with a computer video link technology called Efiiwe, which provides insightful measurement report and analysis on all billboards with accurate data on vehicular and pedestrian traffic volume.

“Efiiwe is an Artificial Intelligence technology that analyses and produces this strategic information needed within the OOH industry in order to deliver measurable return on investment and key performance indicator,” he explained.

Highlighting the challenges in the industry, he also revealed that real-time data from these billboards could be used to determine key performance indices.

“Though we have a lot of data available, the OOH industry is largely unanalysed. This is simply because the industry does not have an adequate monitoring and measurement mechanism; compliance is largely done by the submission of pictures with various monthly codes by operators or by a multiplicity media services that are chasing after prints, electronic and other medium at the same time, while measurement is grossly based on assumptions.

“However, real time data from these billboards can be used to determine key performance indices in order to deliver return on investment for advertisers, leveraging on vehicular and pedestrian movement real-time data. Our greatest object is to provide the industry’s need and create experience,” he added.

It was further noted that the strategic intent of the app was to allow users dictate experience, emphasising that people were the key factor changing the industry.

The developer also revealed that his team is working in collaboration with Google to get the accurate mobility report for any location which is an added value the Billbod App brings to the table.


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