NIMN Set to establish academy to tackle dearth of marketing talents

The National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) is in the process of establishing a new marketing academy in a bid to address the dearth of marketing talents in Nigeria.

This was made known by the President of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) Tony Agenmonmen, in a recent interaction with journalists in Lagos. The former Nigerian Breweries Senior Manager expressed regret that Nigeria used to have vibrant marketing academies that produced well trained marketing professionals, but over the years, those academies have disappeared, thus the industry is now faced with huge capacity challenge.

The academy is part of Agenmonmen vision for the new NIMN, where capacity development and research will become top priories. Agenmonmen said he is determined to return NIMN to its past glory and ensure that its certificate command utmost respect in the industry.

Also in a bid to reposition the institute to meet the challenges of a 21st century marketing environment, NIMN secretariat will soon move into a new ultra-modern office complex in the heart of Ikeja. This the President said is to ensure that staff are well motivated and equipped to deliver in a very professional manner.

The befitting office environment comes as a fulfillment of Mr. Agenmonmen pre-election promise. It is also a key re-engineering process designed to foster professionalism and cultural transformation among both the NIMN staff and members.

Already, following the election of Agenmonmen last year during NIMN’s Annual General Meeting in Ibadan, there is a new sense of belonging and excitement among hitherto lukewarm members, many of whom had abandoned the institute as a result of many years of squabble and in-fighting which negatively affected NIMN’s reputation.

The institute’s finances has also been positively affected as the returnees are now paying up their membership fees even without being forced, thus NIMN have been able to meets its obligations to staff in terms of salaries and allowances and pay up other overheads.

Before Agenmonmen’s election, only about 1000 members of NIMN paid their subscription fees out of about 8000 on the NIMN register. This left the organisation broke and grounded and it resorting to ‘questionable’ certification programs for survival. But the new President has since truncated such practice saying NIMN would no longer ‘sell’ its certificates.

But Mr. Agenmonmen has expressed great hopes about the future adding that members are excited about the new NIMN and that he has so far been able to reach out to highly placed marketers who are eager to be a part of the change happening at the institute. “The task ahead will be hard, but we have great goodwill. Members are now paying their subscription and those who left because of the situation are now coming back,” the new NIMN President.



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