I am committed to ADVAN’s growth in synergy with other sectors – Uwubanmwen

By Felicia Nwosu

Osamede Uwubanmwen, President of Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVAN), has reiterated his commitment to the advancement and growth of the association, while reaffirming it would not be at the detriment of other sectors.

The leader of the renowned umbrella body of advertisers stated this in an interview with MARKETING EDGE, as he reeled out the association’s agenda for his two-year tenure. He said this is geared towards revitalizing and reinforcing the association’s pride of place on a new frontier in the IMC industry.

“My agenda is 100% ADVAN, but I must carry everybody along, because we need synergy. I want to see how I can also bring the marketing people together as a family that we are. I make bold to say with all due respect, I have never been on the agency side, what I have always known is ADVAN. For me, ADVAN is number one; all I will champion is ADVAN, not ignoring other segments,” he said.

The ADVAN boss said his leadership will operate an all-inclusive and people-centric affair to fast-track its pace in setting the bar of excellence and to jointly drive the economic growth of industry.

“My leadership style will just be that of everybody in my team on a roundtable, but I will lead from the front. We will all have an equal stake and share in delivering the numbers. This is because I believe in a result-oriented mission, and result-oriented people cannot be at the back. It is a commitment that I must fulfil. I will not be a dictator or let the position take the better side of me, to be the only one calling the shot. I just want to deliver, and I need every member of my team to be with me while running an open door. I am here to say it is our job to bring the industry forward,” he assured.

Mr. Uwubanmwen noted that the journey to throw the industry into new lights will not be operated in isolation, but in synergy with other sectoral bodies, adding that the pathway for a greater ADVAN and IMC industry lies in collaboration.

“Before I met with ADVAN members, I have already started meeting with sectoral bodies. I believe in synergy. I know there is need to synergise in the industry and I know I have ADVAN members solidly behind me already. We have started working and synergising at the same time. I have even identified myself with the Audience Measurement Service team, even though I just resumed. I am excited about the launch of the Audience Measurement Service panel,” he said.


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