NIMN President charges practitioners on productivity

By Oghale Mafuru

The president of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, NIMN, Mr. Idorenyen Enang has charged practitioners to maximize their capabilities to improve productivity rather than relying on electioneering campaigns expected to dominate the entire media space this year. Mr. Enang said this in an exclusive interview during the fellowship induction ceremony of the Advertising Practitioners’ Council of Nigeria, APCON held recently in Lagos.

The NIMN president said that the impact of politicking on the advertising industry and national economy is minimal. He argued that political campaigns do not drive economic activities rather; they create a temporary façade of abundance.

In his words: “Politicians do not spend, they are hoarders. What drives the ripple effect of economic activities is not the politicking. What drives it is the proper oiling of the value chain and that is what elections do not do. Elections do not oil the value chain; they oil pockets and they are very temporary. So, it makes me laugh when I hear professionals put elections in their plan”.

According to the astute marketer, advertising is pivotal to the economic growth of the country and practitioners should continue to intensify efforts to recalibrate the entire economic architecture of the nation through innovation and creativity.

He said: “We need activities like advertising to drive the entire value chain and that is where we come in to say, how we can leverage that season?”

Commenting on the impact of the pandemic on the industry, the NIMN boss stated that although the COVID-19 virus had a huge toll on business globally, it heralded a paradigm shift for the advertising industry as it opened a vista of opportunities for practitioners as well as accelerated the evolution of technology and digital penetration.

“I think it opened doors of tremendous levels of creativity. Folks have been able to do stuff they hitherto would have said was impossible. So, on one hand, if you look at commercialisation, you probably would say we lost, but what we gain in terms of capability and the ability to see a new world is huge. For me, I think the industry has moved in terms of strides and capability”.

The NIMN president who commended the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria for the efforts made to reposition the industry for growth expressed optimism that the year 2022 will consolidate on the gains recorded thus far by practitioners.

“With all that is happening around APCON regulations, bringing folks together, stakeholders managements and we have engagements, conversation and, collaborations, things can only get better”.



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