Nigeria’s print ad market to gross $45.64 million this year

By Felicia Nwosu

The print advertising market in Nigeria is poised for substantial growth, with ad spending forecasted to reach $45.64 million by 2024, according to a report by Statista. This growth trajectory highlights the enduring importance of print advertising in a rapidly digitalizing world, driven by cultural preferences for tangible marketing materials and the sector’s ability to adapt and innovate.

Newspaper Advertising stands out as the largest segment within Nigeria’s print advertising market, projected to reach a market volume of $30.06 million in 2024. Despite the global trend towards digital media, Nigeria’s print advertising market remains resilient. The number of readers in Nigeria is anticipated to reach 77.9 million by 2029, demonstrating the sustained relevance and reach of print media in the country. On average, ad spending per reader in the Newspaper Advertising market is projected to be $1.06 in 2024, underscoring the value placed on print media by advertisers aiming to connect with a broad audience.

When compared globally, Nigeria’s print advertising market is a significant player, although the United States leads in ad spending with a forecasted $9,611 million in 2024. However, Nigeria’s market is set to contribute meaningfully to the global print advertising landscape, with its unique dynamics and growth potential attracting significant interest from investors and industry players.

Several factors are driving the growth of Nigeria’s print advertising market. Cultural preferences for physical marketing materials play a crucial role, with many consumers in Nigeria valuing the tangibility and credibility of print media. Additionally, substantial investments in research and development and the adoption of innovative advertising techniques are helping to sustain and grow the market.

The future of print advertising in Nigeria looks promising, with the market’s value expected to significantly boost the overall sector. Globally, the Print Advertising market is projected to reach an impressive $9.18 billion by 2031, with a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.58% from 2023 to 2031. This exceptional growth underscores the immense potential of the print advertising sector, attracting considerable interest from investors and industry stakeholders.

According to the report, strategic foresight and agility will be key in navigating the dynamic market landscape, ensuring long-term success and securing a significant share of the market. As the Print Advertising market in Nigeria and globally gears up for robust growth, its importance in the advertising ecosystem remains strong, offering extensive opportunities for innovation and expansion.


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