Nigerian creatives laud Coca-Cola’s inspiring new campaign

By Joseph Ekeng

Carbonated drinks leader Coca-Cola has recently released a new campaign and it seems people cannot get enough of the awe-inspiring advert. Expectedly, Nigerian Creatives are not left out of the excitement.

The campaign is the latest ad from the brand’s ‘Real Magic’ platform, which launched in 2021.

In the advert, a young artist’s imagination is brought to life in the global ad titled ‘Masterpiece’.

Masterpiece follows the journey of a Coca-Cola bottle from one iconic painting to the next as it makes its way to a thirsty student in need of inspiration.

The ad was made by the VFX team at Electric Theatre Collective and creative agency Blitzworks, which used a mix of live action shots, digital effects and AI to create the commercial and its complex transitions.

In a LinkedIn post, Chris Ogunlowo, former Creative Director at SO&U, praised the soft drink giant for its creative deployment of the art of storytelling in the advert.

Ogunlowo, who suggested that recent Coca-Cola campaigns have not lived up to the high creative standards of previous adverts, described Masterpiece as pure bliss.

“Just when you thought Coca-Cola had lost its touch of storytelling, then it drops a masterpiece. Lovely work – the details are pure Bliss,” he said.

Olubunmi Adeleye, a Lagos based marketer, joined in the standing ovation for Coca-Cola. She noted that with the advert, the top soft drinks brand appears to have rediscovered its creative magic.

According to her, the campaign is as inspiring as some of the company’s iconic Christmas ads which set it apart from the pack.

“Pure magic! Love it. It brings out the sense of wonder Coca-Cola was known for back in the day. Christmas ad, new campaigns that filled one with a sense of awe,” she said.

Tosin Balogun, Partner/Lead Strategist BXV Consulting, explained that what stood out for him was how the Coke bottle transforms into the style of each of the paintings. He also commended the creators of the campaign for their brilliant attention to details.

Nkechi Enechukwu, a consumer, said she was struck by how the copywriters integrated Coca-Cola’s unique brand message with its global spread. “It is the subliminal message of ‘you can find Coca-Cola anywhere in this life or next’ that stood out for me. Great storytelling as usual!”


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