MTN SA partners with Meta to offer daily free 15MB of Facebook access to users

By Joseph Ekeng

MTN South Africa has teamed up with Meta, owners of Facebook to bring an exciting offer to its subscribers. The telecommunications giant has recently announced that it will be providing its customers with a daily allowance of 15MB of Facebook usage, including text and photos, without any data charges.

The firm stated that this collaboration aims to enhance the digital experience for MTN subscribers and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

The partnership between MTN and Meta began back in 2017 when they introduced Facebook AutoFlex. This innovative feature allowed customers to enjoy a text-only version of Facebook without incurring data charges. But now, with the new text and photo mode, users can immerse themselves in a richer and more captivating Facebook experience. They can view photos, update their status, and send messages, all without worrying about using up their data allowance.

MTN SA highlighted the benefits of their collaboration with Meta, emphasizing the creation of an ecosystem of services on Facebook. This ecosystem includes features such as bundle purchase, data advance (XtraTime), customer registration, recharge using a card, airtime, and MoMo. By integrating these services, MTN ensures that customers can seamlessly access and enjoy various offerings on Facebook without any disruptions to their browsing experience or service delivery.

Expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, Seun Soladoye, MTN’s general manager for consumer prepaid, said, “We are very excited about our partnership with Meta. Not only are we opening up the digital world to more South Africans, but we are also doing so at reduced data costs, something which is much needed in SA right now.”

Soladoye stressed that the collaboration between MTN and Meta signifies a significant step forward in bridging the digital divide in South Africa. He noted that by offering daily free access to Facebook, MTN is enabling its users to connect, communicate, and stay informed without worrying about data charges.

The company stated that this initiative is particularly important in a country like South Africa, where affordable access to digital services remains a pressing need.

By empowering more South Africans with free Facebook access, MTN is playing a crucial role in driving digital inclusion and enriching the lives of its customers.


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