Most of our members fulfill their financial obligation – MIPAN

By Abimbola Mohammed

The Media Independent Practitioner Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) has disclosed that the majority of its members fulfill their financial obligation to the association as only a few could not meet up with their financial responsibilities in the past three years.

This was made known by the Femi Adelusi, President of MIPAN in an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE. He disclosed that a few agencies that couldn’t meet up with their financial duties were delisted but still gets moral support from the association through free training and seminars organized by MIPAN.

According to Mr. Adelusi, who is also the CEO, Brandeye Media, not meeting up with the financial responsibilities of the association is unacceptable.

He said: “Firstly, let me say that most of our agencies fulfill their financial obligation. However, there are a couple of them who in the last three years have not been able to do so for various reasons. This is not in line with our constitution as MIPAN, so we have no option than to request that we delist them. But we engage them and we try to see, as an association, how we could support them to meet up with their obligations. You will agree with me that three years is a long time, so we’ve had to make that decision. Meanwhile, most of our members are financial members.”

Speaking on how the MIPAN provides support for the new agencies that joined the association in 2021, the Mr. Adelusi said: “Areas of support are trainings, capacity building, and what we do is to invite them as almost as mandatory to send some key staff to the Alphabet Media Academy, and when you send more than 3 candidates you get a discount.”

The media expert said MIPAN is doing that to help people in Nigeria’s integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Industry.

“The whole idea is to accelerate people’s development and skills in the media and advertising industry, so that we can help the agencies to also settle down and build their team. We invite them to attend our seminars and workshops. For example, we ensure that they were part of the 2022 business outfit session because we want them to be exposed to events that help provide information on what the next financial year will be, and also to our key activities,” he said.

According Mr. Adelusi, the association meets with the agencies once in awhile on request: “We also meet with them once in a while on their request; if there are other peculiar areas of support that they need, let’s say finance, resourcing or recruitment, we them.”


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