MIPAN’s 2023 President’s Dinner & Awards hold amidst glitz and glamour

By Abimbola Mohammed 

It was a dazzling evening for the bigwigs in the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) ecosystem and the entire guests at the just concluded Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria’s (MIPAN’s) second edition of President’s Dinner and awards, held within the cossy ambience of Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos.

The two-in-one event had the theme: In Tune with Tomorrow: Driving Multinational Growth Through Tech, Economy and Regulation Challenge. In attendance at the A-list well-packed night were society’s Creme de La Creme, industry eggheads and seasoned professionals in their corporate bests. They radiantly turned out for the event that will forever linger in the annals of the industry.

Specifically in attendance at the glamorous dinner and award party were the Former Registrar & CEO of Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), Alh.Garba Bello Kankarofi; Managing Partner of Market Space, Mr. George Thorpe, a MIPAN’s patron; Dr. Lekan Fadolapo, Director General, Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON); Prince Fatiu Adegbola Akiolu, MD, Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA); MD, Heads of advertising sectoral group, the Experiential Marketing Association of Nigeria (EXMAN) president Mrs. Tolulope Medebem; industry stakeholders, diverse marketing professionals, newsmen and friends of MIPAN.

The one of a kind premium black-tie event venue was decorated in shades of blue, which symbolized the colour of the association, live band music performance in the background with songs from the oldies, tables decorated with candles and centrepieces to beautify it which gave the event a welcoming ambience.

The dinner party also featured awards presentations to MIPAN patrons, Media Personalities and industry practitioners who have contributed immensely to the growth of the industry in the past years.

Speaking during the occasion, Femi Adelusi, President of MIPAN noted that the idea behind the dinner is to provide a platform to appreciate, celebrate, socialize, network and reward members of the IMC industry and Government who have played significant roles in driving the IMC industry forward in current year and to connect, engage, network & have some fun as we prepare for another business Year.

His words: “Tonight, as we gather under the illustrious banner of The MIPAN president’s dinner, we immerse ourselves in the essence of ‘A Night of Synergy,’ where the symphony of collaboration and shared responsibility must resonate through our industry.

“Last week, amid the vibrant atmosphere of the National Advertising Conference, PwC’s report on the industry commissioned GDP Multiplier Study resonated profoundly with practitioners. The global advertising sector is projected to reach USD$1 Trillion by 2027, the advertising sector is projected to grow by 7.6% between 2022 and 2023.

“Africa’s advertising spend is projected to grow from US$10.3billion to US$11.8billion from 2023 to 2027 at CARGA of 2.8%. The African projected growth rate is linked to availability of mobile technology and internet access.”

He added that based on the on-going work by PwC on the Nigerian Advertising Industry contribution to the economy and the multiplier Effect, “i.e. our indirect and the induced impact of our industry on the national economy, the number is in double digits. Pwc will be presenting the detailed report via a joint Industry/ARCON and PwC Press Conference in January 2024.

Speaking on how the IMC industry can achieve a better result and work in synergy to achieve growth in the industry and increase multiplier effect, Adelusi called for collaborations among the industry, government agencies, content producers, regulators both at the federal and state level and media houses across the country.

“Our industry today is divided and not working together enough in synergy to drive the desired growth. This must change, we must commit to doing better in 2024.”

He added that to achieve these, there are three key areas that should be followed which are: “Work together to grow brands and companies across sectors to influence the National Economic development in line with the “renewed-hope” agenda. Actions must keep in mind the need for consumers protection and respect for our values & culture very key, hence the basic  principles & ethic of the advertising profession and marketing must be germane to us all and processes must be focused on acceleration “The ease of doing business” leveraging technologies whilst being  mindful of sustainability.“

As part of MIPAN CSR-MIPAN Initiative/ cause to work life balance support, the association invited Mavi Sokia Isibor (MSI) F.IoD, Fpmc, as the guest speakers, who spoke on how to maintain work life balance. She said it is important to balance life even though we have to work.

Mrs. Isibor urged people to maintain a healthy life and remember to exercise, make friends (networking), patrotize healthy lifestyle, keep touch with family then make money while at it.

It would also be recalled that at 1st edition of the President dinner, the association invited Dr. Maymuah Kadiri, MD Pinnacle Medical Services who gave a lecture on self-awareness and mental health awareness and management to improve inclusiveness around mental health in Nigeria.

The event came to an end with presentation of Awards to Outstanding Media Organization of the Year- DSTV, Agency of the Year- MediaReachOMD, Outstanding Media Personality award (Ronan Redmond, CEO TVC, Legacy award (Posthmous) Tolulope Ogunkoya, Ex President MIPAN 2008-2015.

Certificate of Recognition was given to South African Tourism, Netflix, KC Gaming, Mondelez International,  Coca-Cola and Eat’n’Go.


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