Meta expands paid verification badge services

By Kingsley Odii

In an unprecedented step, Meta, the parent company of Facebook headed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has expanded its paid verification badge services to business accounts.

This development will empower businesses to acquire a highly sought-after blue checkmark badge, bestowing exclusive features and support upon them.

The expansion was disclosed by Verge-CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a recent event, solidifying Meta’s commitment to enhancing the online presence and security of businesses.

Earlier this year, the tech giant introduced Meta Verified, a subscription service priced at $12 per month, dedicated to creators who desired additional benefits. Meta Verified subscription offers creators access to a blue checkmark badge, priority customer support, and protection against impersonation. Now, Meta is taking this vision a step further by catering for businesses and their specific needs. Under this new initiative, businesses desiring verification on Facebook or Instagram will incur a slight increase in cost – $22 per month. For those seeking verification on both platforms, the package will be available at a discounted rate of $35 per month.

While this marks a pricing increase compared to the creator subscription, Meta assures that the extra features and protections will be well worth the investment. The testing phase for this highly anticipated feature is set to begin on Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks, promising an imminent rollout to the platforms’ vast user bases.

Furthermore, Meta has confirmed that verification options will extend to WhatsApp, a popular messaging service, shortly after its implementation on Facebook and Instagram. The firm also said that to purchase subscriptions, businesses will have to meet eligibility criteria such as verification through phone, email or domain name and minimum activity on their pages or Instagram accounts.

However, Meta didn’t provide specifics around these requirements and said they will share more when it begins the rollout. The company is also building a verified program for businesses on WhatsApp. While it will start testing verification on the chat app in the future, the firm shared some details on the features. The paid tier will include the ability to create a custom WhatsApp-based web page, that is searchable. Verification will also unlock multi-device support for up to 10 devices for business accounts to make it easier for multiple people to handle


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