Meet MARKETING EDGE 2023 Summit & Awards’ sponsor – Ti-Elle Global

Ti-Elle Global will be sponsoring MARKETING EDGE on its 2023 NATIONAL MARKETING SUMMIT and MARKETING EDGE BRANDS & ADVERTISING EXCELLENCE AWARDS, scheduled to take place on the 15th and 16th of September, 2023.

Ti-elle Global is a company that specializes in printing and corporate branding, event management, Digital marketing, Business consultancy and facility management.

Ti-Elle prints specializes in the production of regular and large format digital printing. It’s comprehensive product range, which continues to grow through research and development initiatives, includes: Graphics design, Posters, Banners, Window Decals, Floor Graphics, Point of Sale Display, Transit Advertising (Bus and Taxi) , Business/ Coprate logos, Business Cards and uniforms/ branded shirts, corporate souvenirs. Ti-Elle prints also design bespoke packages to suit individual unique needs.

Ti-Elle Global has an international team equipped with the imaginative prowess to craft and deliver an unforgettable celebration, whether it’s a destination wedding, a corporate event, or a grand birthday bash. It’s philosophy revolves around crafting one-of-a-kind experiences that ignite inspiration. They attentively listen to client’s vision, and conceive and execute distinctive events tailored to client’s unique preferences and requirements.

Ti-elle Global provides strategies that work for individual company and implement effective online marketing campaigns that deliver business with traffic, inquiries and sales. With their SEO, Social Media and Web development services clients can get desired return on digital marketing spend.

Ti-elle Global Enterprise is a globally focused company with the capability, team, and global network to strategically place its partners in advantageous global positions. Established with a commitment to conducting business in a responsible, transparent, and ethical fashion, Ti-Elle Global merges creativity, products, services, technology, logistics, and analysis to efficiently enhance brand reputation and foster customer allegiance.


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