Meet MARKETING EDGE 2023 Summit & Awards’ sponsor – CWAY

CWAY Water is sponsoring MARKETING EDGE on its 2023 NATIONAL MARKETING SUMMIT and MARKETING EDGE BRANDS & ADVERTISING EXCELLENCE AWARDS, scheduled to take place on the 15th and 16th of September, 2023.

CWAY Water is the flagship of the CWAY Group operations in Nigeria, and has been leading the industry since inception in 2000. Its core interest is to provide clean hygienic water and innovative water dispensers with accessories and technology that support healthy water drinking habits for all. The company is undoubtedly rated today as the No.1 Nigerian market brand for 18.9liter dispenser refilling water and dispenser machines. CWAY currently boasts Nigeria’s largest and most advanced Refilling Water Plant in operations with daily sales standing at thousands of tons of treated drinking water and thus contributing immensely to improving the healthy lifestyle of numerous Nigerians.

Headquartered in Lagos, CWAY has offices in Abuja, Benin City, Ota and in 5 other locations in Nigeria. Its impact is felt in every home and corporate offices as it developed products for all target market segments. Its factories are installed with the best Hi-Tech equipment in the industry and mostly situated within well organised and serene environments that meet international standards. Its products include: 18.9Ltrs refillable dispenser water brands (Regular Brand and Prime) 75 cl Table water brand, Bespoke water dispenser machines – Rugged, durable and aesthetic.

Other brands from the stable of the CWAY Beverages Group include beverages such as Apple/Peach Fruit drinks, Cheers Cocktail, Nutri Milk, NutriYo Yogurt and the latest Maca Energy drinks with production capacity of hundreds of tons. These premium brands in trade locations have progressive market share index rates in Nigeria and its neighbouring countries. CWAY’s production processes and products are packaged in line with international best practices. These practices as stipulated also go through periodic reviews, updates, and certifications by all relevant statutory regulatory authorities. Its 18.9 litre dispenser refilling water brand has, for decades, set the pace as a premium top brand with strong market dominance for consistency in quality and accessibility. This informs CWAY’s consistency in quality and delivery over the years and this has indeed endeared the company to the hearts of the Nigerian consuming public.

This is why when it comes to safe and hygienic water you can trust, CWAY is the way to go.


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