MARKETING EDGE Summit to boost industry capacity

The Publisher/CEO of MARKETING EDGE magazine Mr. John Ajayi, has said that the National Marketing Edge Stakeholders Summit and Brand & Advertising Awards was conceived about six years ago to boost capacity in the integrated marketing communications by expanding the frontiers of marketing and advertising knowledge in the country. 

He said this in a recent statement in Lagos, where he stated that the two-edged event would soon hold in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. He emphasized that henceforth the prestigious event would be organized in a rotational basis for ease of preference and accessibility.

The 2018 National Marketing Edge Stakeholders Summit and Brand & Advertising Awards comes up on July 6, 2018 at the Radisson Blu Hotels. The event opens with a summit which starts at 10am. After then, there is a short break before the award proper commences at 5pm.

According to the publisher, this year’s summit, with the theme: ’Marketing Paradigms in the Age of Digitalization’ promises to create a nexus between the brand owners and the consumers, as well as provide lasting solutions to the challenges confronting them.

Speaking on what stakeholders should look forward, he said they should expect a superlative event and far enriching marketing activities like never before. “We intend to organize a very robust marketing summit that will ignite a fresh conversation on contemporary marketing issues that have become very sacrosanct in terms of marketing management and the management of marketing business.”

“This forum is going to provide the platform for the rubbing of minds, it is going to provide a platform for possible solutions that can enable brand owners to have a meeting point with the consumers so that the business can be more mutually rewarding both to the brand owners and to the consumers and at the end of the day, it becomes a win-win game.” Ajayi said.

Ajayi added that participants will be thrilled by highly cerebral industry intellectuals that have been tested and trusted to provide the right compass in charting a very robust, highly enlightened direction for players in marketing services business.

He stressed that MARKETING EDGE, National Marketing Summit and Brand & Advertising Awards of Excellence is a CSR initiative of the organization to reward brand owners and stakeholders in the Integrated Marketing Communications industry for their outstanding performances which is in line with the DNA of promoting the brand idea.

The publisher of the leading brand and marketing magazine explained that the decision to hold the 2018 edition of the National Marketing Stakeholders Summit and Brand & Advertising Awards of Excellence at the Balmoral hall, Ikeja was to bring the event closer to industry stakeholders who are largely domiciled on the mainland.


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