MARKETING EDGE set to showcase Brands to Watch, Forces Behind the Brands in 2024

By Felicia Nwosu

MARKETING EDGE, Nigeria’s leading, brand-centric, authoritative and award-winning publication, has revealed that plans are underway to kick off its 2024 special publication on “Brands to Watch” as well as Forces Behind the Brands.

The avant-gard publication said this special annual edition aims at spotlighting and applauding those who have showcased remarkable and impactful marketing strategies, contributing significantly to the success of their brands by   making a mark in the industry ecosystem and also to pay special homage to those who have been instrumental to these successful feats as the forces and brains behind the brands.

The notable and well-respected integrated marketing communications industry leading omnichannel platform noted that it is simply an accolade celebrating exceptional performances, results, innovation, transformation and other industry breakthroughs among brands and agencies.

 According to Mr. John Ajayi, Publisher/ CEO of MARKETING EDGE, Brands to Watch and Forces Behind the Brands have been introduced as an avenue to recognise brands and agencies with outstanding marketing endeavours and achievements.

He added that the purpose behind this is not just to spotlight their success but to spark a flame of inspiration in their next wave of incredible achievements as they demonstrate resilience in confronting challenges while highlighting innovations, boost visibility and benchmark success.

Explaining that the edition is strategically designed to acknowledge and showcase brands’ and agencies’ successful achievements to help bolster credibility, he urged industry practitioners to leverage the special publication to demonstrate to clients, partners, and stakeholders the positioning of their brands as one with a proven track record of success and reliability to enhance brand perception.

The brand-centric magazine said the Brands to Watch special edition is focused on recognising brands making giant strides within their market category and at the same time sustaining their market leadership position amidst fierce competition and economic pressures.

MARKETING EDGE also said this special edition will serve as a compendium to corporate players, foreign investors as well as provide a resource for expanding the frontiers of knowledge about brands and their custodians, while adding that it will also be uploaded on its website for global attention and reference.

“We thus invite your brands and agencies to take their deserved place in the special edition by providing us updated profiles. You may also contribute editorially to the subject matter of the edition. You are also required to place a corporate advert of your company or product advert (s) in the edition for maximum impact. Placement of advert will guarantee free profiling,” the statement revealed.

It further stated some additional values that will accompany advert placement.

Holding tightly to its motto and tagline with a profound responsibility to promote the brand idea, MARKETING EDGE is therefore calling on brands to leverage this opportunity to showcase their selling proposition by stepping into this inspiring journey to showcase the tangible steps they are taking.

It maintained that these reinforcing brands are constantly and consistently reshaping the corporate landscape, surpassing mere trends and becoming an altering force and establishing a new standard of success in its sector.

“The special edition would be uploaded on our online platform ( to our global audience. Some of the participating brand’s CEOs would be hosted as Guests on varying episodes of our MARKETING EDGE ON TV and news stories would be generated from such guest appearances to be published on our online platform which will also be headlined live on all our partnering LED boards pan-Nigeria.”


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