Marketing Edge applauds corporate bodies promoting awareness campaign on COVID-19

MARKETING EDGE, Nigeria’s leading marketing and brand-focused magazine has commended the initiative of various corporate organisations in the country for their continued role and commitment towards promoting awareness on the COVID-19 global pandemic.

According to the Publisher/CEO of the foremost brands and marketing magazine, John Ajayi, the publication has come to the realisation that a growing number of corporate bodies are showing great concern and commitment in promoting awareness against the pandemic which is sweeping through world, and urged other   corporate organisations in the country to follow suit in the campaign against the pandemic.

Amongst the various corporate bodies that have shown concern and continued commitment in promoting awareness in response to the global pandemic include First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, Polaris Bank, MTN Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria.

FirstBank, Nigeria’s leading financial inclusion services provider, recently announced a range of proactive measures which it had taken to control the continued spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The bank in a statement restated its commitment to protecting the health and safety of all its staff, customers and host communities, assuring that together the fight against deadly virus would be won.

Similarly, Zenith Bank has provided its staff with logistics such as gloves, masks and hand sanitisers to keep them protected against the raging pandemic. The bank has also made provisions for temperature guns to be supplied for use by its security personnel to take temperature of customers as they entered the bank to ensure that no infected customer was granted entry.

The security personnel of the bank have also been instructed to periodically wipe the door handles and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) with disinfectants.

In a similar vein, the telecoms giant MTN said it had taken a series of precautionary measures to ensure safety of stakeholders, including its employees, customers, communities and suppliers from the pandemic. The company added that it would continue to develop communication strategies to keep its various stakeholders informed on how it is responding to the pandemic, including a latest advice to its members of staff to stay back and work from home henceforth.


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