Marketing Edge advises Nigerians on COVID-19

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility services (CSR) initiative, MARKETING EDGE has enjoined Nigerians to adhere strictly to the awareness campaign on the dreaded COVID-19.

MARKETING EDGE, a Lagos-based Media concern is Nigeria’s leading and authoritative Brands, Marketing and Advertising focused magazine committed to covering and reporting Nigerian’s marketing and advertising landscape with a view to updating and informing consumers, investors, policy makers and the international community on the agencies and industry issues.

Its Multi-Channel Platforms include print (magazine), digital (online), pan-Nigeria LED bill-board, television, and social media.

The company’s Chief Executive, Mr. John Olulope Ajayi who made a call in Lagos, said it was incumbent on all Nigerians and other nationals living in the country to heed the on-going awareness campaigns by governments and corporate bodies so as to stem the spread of the disease.

Ajayi, who noted that since the exact cure for the disease remains elusive, at least for now, preventing its spread through strict adherence to all the stipulated precautions, was imperative.

Among the precautionary measure are regular washing of hands (as the virus can only live on hand for 5-10 minutes), keeping distance from sick people who cough and sneeze, self-isolation/quarantine of suspected victims for at least 14 days, and avoiding large gathering of people, among others.

Some of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 are running nose with sputum, dry cough with or without running nose, headache and disposition and itching in the throat.

As at the last count on Wednesday, Nigeria has officially recorded 46 confirmed cases of COVID-19, out of which 37 were active, while two patients had been discharged with only one death recorded so far.

In the first 28 days of the incursion of the virus into the country through an Italian passenger on board a Turkish Airline Flight via the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, in February, the Federal Government has budgeted N1.67 billion to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

COVID-19, which has its epicentre in Wuhan, Hubei province in China, broke out in December 2019 and has claimed thousands of lives worldwide. According to a site, 17,147 deaths have been recorded, while 392,407 people have been confirmed to have been inflicted by the virus, even as 103,393 people were said to have recovered from the disease.


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