Stellantis appoints black targeted AOR

By Kingsley Odii

Stellantis, the global automotive manufacturer formed by the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Groupe PSA, has appointed TKT and Associates as its agency of record (AOR) to develop marketing strategies dedicated to reaching their black audience.
The decision to appoint TKT and Associates reflects Stellantis’ commitment to creating marketing initiatives that resonate with consumers from various backgrounds, especially African communities.

By partnering with TKT and Associates, Stellantis aims to ensure that its marketing campaigns are inclusive, thoughtful, and tailored to the needs and preferences of its diverse customer base.
The announcement was made at the second annual Stellantis African Ancestry Network Diaspora Gala held in Detroit. The event brought together Stellantis employees, community leaders, and influencers to celebrate African American heritage and discuss opportunities for inclusion and representation within the automotive industry.
During the gala, Stellantis highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in marketing endeavors. The company recognizes that understanding and connecting with diverse consumers is essential for long-term success in today’s global marketplace.
In a statement, the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of TKT, Kimberly Bunton said, “At TKT Collab, we use our media platforms, cross-generational cultural appeal, and eye for forward-moving technology and social trends to generate culturally authentic and relatable campaigns and content; we aren’t your average marketing firm, we are creative studio specializing in inclusive culture bending strategies.”
With TKT and Associates onboard as the AOR, Stellantis looks forward to developing marketing strategies that not only resonate with African American consumers but also engage and speak to different communities and demographic groups across the world.
As the automotive industry continues to evolve, companies like Stellantis recognize the significance of creating inclusive marketing that represents the diverse experiences and aspirations of consumers. Through its commitment to tailor marketing initiatives that cater to the needs and preferences of diverse consumer groups, Stellantis aims to strengthen its position in the market and deepen its connections with customers worldwide.


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