Leverage passion points to develop customer loyalty – Olatunji

By Felicia Nwosu

In preparation for a successful business growth, a marketing communications expert, Ayomide Olatunji, Innovation & Product Manager at Connect Marketing Services, said that the rapid change in consumer needs has highlighted the need for sustainable marketing strategies. He, therefore, suggested that leveraging passion points such as sports as a never-dying consumer passion will give brands a better chance of developing loyal customers.

Mr. Olatunji averred that brands need to demonstrate to their customers that they are sincerely dedicated. Stating this on his company’s LinkedIn platform, he outlined some effective growth strategies that will help brands bring more value to consumers in 2023.

He reaffirmed that sports are one method with a proven track record of impact, and urged brands to explore and exploit such strategies to help build enduring legacy as well as to foster loyalty.

“According to Topend Sports, football is the most popular sport in the world, with over 3.5 billion fans. This means that football is enjoyed by roughly half of the world’s population. This opens doors for brands to connect with customers.  Leverage the “unpopular” culture within the community in order to build brand loyalty; brands can associate themselves with identified communities that comprise the game. Burger King once identified and associated its brand with the football gaming community by hosting competitions and rewarding fans online. This resulted in an increase in brand mentions, engagement, awareness, and product trials,” he said.

Mr. Olatunji also called on brand managers to connect with consumers on a personal level as fans feel a connection to their team because they share common values and interests. He alluded that brands can create the same kind of connection with their customers by identifying what they care about and resonating with those values.

“Creating customized, branded football kits for fans is a good example. It adds a level of exclusivity and a personal touch to the experience. Create exclusivity using digital experiences: Fans feel like they’re part of the team, and they’re proud to wear the team’s colours and cheer on their players. You can create the same feeling of connection with your customers by giving them access to exclusive content, providing them with customer support, and letting them be a part of your community using exclusive NFTs that give them access to a locker room virtual reality experience before a big game,” he said.

The brand innovator noted that the use of passion points gives brands a better chance of developing loyal customers.

“Finally, football fans are among the most devoted customers. They are devoted to their team and will go to any length to show their support. One way to capitalize on this never-ending passion is to optimize the consumer experience. This enables your brand to resonate with the identity of that community. If you can accomplish these goals, you will be well on your way to developing the same level of loyalty between your customers and your brand that football fans have for their team,” he concluded.


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