Lamborghini cars sold out till 2024

Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturer of high-end sports cars, has already sold all of its inventory through 2024, citing strong demand for the brand’s vehicles.

The Italian luxury automaker, which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, the world’s largest automaker, has the next 18 months of the company’s order book already filled as wealthy buyers are swarming to purchase the coveted Lamborghini automobiles despite the continued uncertainty surrounding the global economy.

Stephan Winklemann, CEO at Lamborghini commenting on this said that the luxury car brand has witnessed high demand for its cars and is technically sold out until early 2024. “We have more and more stepping into Lamborghini. Because they trust the brand, they see how beautiful the cars are, how (high) performing they are,” he said.

The CEO praised the company’s “best six months ever,” attributing its success to a better product mix, a favorable euro-to-dollar exchange rate, and more than 50% percentage of Lamborghini customers who chose to add-on customizing at an additional cost.

The car brand also recorded that by the end of June, a total of 5,090 vehicles had been delivered across world with a global sales volume of 1,332 billion euros, which is a 4.9 percent and 30.6% percent increase respectively over the same time last year. With 1,521 new car sales, the US continued to be Lamborghini’s largest market and With 440 raging bulls finding owners, the UK ranks third, just behind China and Germany.

The high waiting times for Lamborghini vehicles, according to the CEO, are caused by a persistent shortage of parts, particularly processors required for the new electric versions. In order to keep everything current and moving in a favorable direction, The CEO has assured that Lamborghini is doing “as much we can and as fast as we can,”  due to the fact that By 2024, Lamborghini is hoping to have hybrid versions of all of its models on the market. Additionally, the Italian automaker plans to dip its toes into the world of electric, with a fully electric Lamborghini arriving in the second part of the decade, in response to the emergence of Elon Musk’s Tesla and the global push toward more environmentally friendly vehicles.






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