LaCasera wears a cool new look

Nigeria’s leading Apple Carbonated Soft Drinks maker, The La Casera Company, has unveiled a fresh new look for its flagship brand, La Casera Apple Drink.

La Casera, on its Twitter handle @lacasera, said: “If your guess was a new label then you were absolutely correct! We bring you an exciting new label, same refreshing apple taste and FRESH VIBES.”

The La Casera Company Plc, maker of La Casera Apple and other refreshing beverages, is the go-to source for choice drinks in the Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) category. It has made a remarkable impact in the CSD market in Nigeria, giving a major push to the erstwhile unimpressive Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) segment in Nigeria with the launch of La Casera, the first CSD in PET bottle with an amazing 4% real apple juice.

Led by La Casera, one of Nigeria’s most valuable and recognisable brands, its company’s portfolio features other quality products like Smoov Chapman and Bold Bitter Lemon.

All products manufactured and distributed by The La Casera Company Plc are approved by the highest regulatory bodies in Nigeria when it comes to food, health and safety and this unquestionably makes them certified fit for consumption by all.


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