Innovention Series 2019 highlights the power of ideas in pushing the frontiers of creativity, innovation

Determined to build a generation of confident trendsetters who will not be comfortable to follow the wave of the moment, but will be the change they want to see in the world, Innovention Series recently held its 2019 Masterclass in Lagos. A brainchild of Verdant Zeal, the series was instituted as a platform to examine the question of Africa’s development, home in on opportunities for growth while focusing on leveraging inherent strength.

The convener, Dr. Tunji Olugbodi who is also the executive vice chairman, Verdant Zeal Group, in his opening address said: “As a multi-disciplinary marketing and communications organisation, one key element we have always leveraged and traded is the strategic importance of ideas and how it pushes the frontiers of creativity and innovation.”

He also shed light on what innovention is all about noting that “ideas rule the world, which is why inventive mavericks will always have a vantage position to lead because of their disregard for convention and tradition”.

Speaking during the ICT session, Jude Ipaye, Founder, Keexs, the first innovative and socially oriented footwear production company in Nigeria, shared his life story as an innovator.

In his word; “We have effectively built a world class footwear brand with manufacturing set-up in Nigeria. Our company is creating economic empowerment opportunities for thousands and as well as giving 10% of profit back towards social causes.

“The introduction of telecom industry into the Nigerian market was an opportunity to renew our brands. Our brands are growing and when you have an idea you need to be been able unite people. We have gotten a higher demand in our quality products and we been having international fashion shows in different parts of the world.”

Also sharing his own views and experiences on data gathering and its power of creating opportunities, Dr David Okeme COO,, said: “I spent over two decades in Unilever and I learnt the business model of creating values. I also learnt the business of operating high quality products. I have opportunity to work in different market and the experienced different cultures.

“As a marketing director, I felt how technology were developed around the world and I also learnt how to position and reposition brands. I felt the power of young people how they were beginning to buy decision making in different organisations. The style for me was how technology came in to drive competitiveness. I believe in data-driven innovation and how it can create value and improve the quality of lives of innovation in Nigeria.”

This year’s series attracted patrons from both the public and private sectors such as Mitchell Elegbe, Ibim Semenitari, and Roger Boniface among others who have become strong voices in stimulating pragmatic conversations that challenge the status quo.


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