Industry professionals share personal marketing mantras

By Felicia Nwosu

After several years of garnering extensive experience across industries while steering the trajectory of different key brands, renowned industry professionals have shared some powerful and insightful marketing mantras that have stuck with them through the years. These mantras, they revealed, have followed them into their next phase of growth, leading and formulating various brand strategy in the course of their careers.

Sharing this with MARKETING EDGE in no particular order and at different events, their personal marketing mantras clearly epitomize their philosophy and impact across the industry.

Morolake Emokpaire, Head of Marketing for Cadbury Nigeria Plc., a subsidiary of Mondelez International, with responsibility for West Africa, said: “It’s two things. Number one is, “failure is simply learning forward”. You will go through times in your marketing career where you will have a product launch that has failed. You would have a strategy that falls through the roof. You would have a business idea that challenges you. You would have a project that takes the life out of you. But I think the first thing is, “to remove the fear of failure”. It will come, definitely. And sometimes it wouldn’t come.”

Jude Odia, Managing Director, Starcom Media Perspectives, said, “I would just paraphrase it, it’s from Ogilvy. He says that he just understands that a part of advertising doesn’t really work, but what he doesn’t know is, which of the part that does not work. What he’s trying to say is, “how do we measure the impact of advertising”.

Simisola Hughes Obisesan, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Groupe Nigeria, said, “What is wrong cannot be strong. You have to be authentic and truthful with your brands, with your campaigns, with everything you do.

Sanusi Olawale, the CEO of Light Inc, said, “My favourite mantra is Nike, ‘just do it’.”

Tunde Shobanjo,  Group General Manager/ Group Chief Operating Officer, Insight Redefini, said, “It is about consistently doing good work. If we consistently do good work for our clients, fame and fortune will follow. But we have to consistently do good work and keep our promises.”

Toyin Nnodi, Marketing director at Chi Limited, said, “Great ideas can come from anywhere. But it’s our role to take those ideas, filter them to see how they relate to our brands, how they’re relevant to our consumers and then see how we can make them big to help the brand connect to our consumers.”

Tunji Olugbodi, Executive Vice Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Verdant Zeal Group, said, “What takes you there does not keep you there. There is no shortcut to anywhere that you are going.”

Ivan Moroke,  CEO of Kantar Insights Division  South Africa, “It is more of a life mantra, ‘everything is connected’.”


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