IMF tasks African leaders to prioritize education budget

By Taiwo Osho

The World Bank has urged leaders in sub-Saharan Africa to prioritize education budget, safeguard and expand funding ahead of imminent surge in the region’s population.

According to the report released at the just concluded World Bank Spring Meeting and Annual General Meeting in Washington DC, USA, African population is expected to hit double by 2050, noting that the continent is one of the most vibrant regions in an aging world.

It noted that that realization of tomorrow’s growth and employment prospects hinges on a decisive action that is taken today, particularly in ensuring equitable access to quality education for children across the continent.

While urging the Governments in the region to prioritize education and ensure optimal utilization of resources, it maintained that the efficacy of education spending can be maximized, amplifying its impact on individual lives and broader societal progress.

It also tasked the international community to uphold education as a paramount priority in their development agendas.

“By bolstering support and cooperation, global stakeholders can facilitate the implementation of comprehensive strategies aimed at advancing education access and quality in sub-Saharan Africa.

“The urgency of this endeavor cannot be overstated, as the window of opportunity to shape the future of the continent’s youth rapidly narrows. With concerted efforts and unwavering commitment from governments and international partners alike, sub-Saharan Africa can harness its demographic dividend, propelling itself towards sustainable growth, prosperity, and global competitiveness.” It noted.


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