IMC practitioners commend MARKETING EDGE for 20 years of sustainable brand promise 

By Felicia Nwosu

As the MARKETING EDGE 20th anniversary milestone celebration gathers momentum,  professionals in the Integrated Marketing Communications industry have given some reflective commendations to the platform for building two decades of sustainable brand promise, coming from a humble beginning. They acknowledged its indomitable virtue with focus, philosophy, mission and vision, which they affirmed, are being driven by resilience and the commitment to ‘promoting the brand idea’.
Speaking on the landmark journey of the media outfit, Dr.Ken Onyeali Ikpe, the Chairman/CEO Graviti Hill Limited, said the impact of MARKETING EDGE has touched every sphere of the industry. He, however, urged the team to further launch their net into wider waters.
“MARKETING EDGE is a business vision of the future. The 21st century is about data, platform and content. MARKETING EDGE gives you two, which is platform and content. So, in terms of how you have done, I will say you have done well.
“But economics is dynamic, business too is more dynamic. So, the question is about sustainability. How do you want to sustain it and how do you want to put structure to it so that it outlives the visioneers and the people who put it in place,” he asked?
Maureen Ngwu, Managing Director, Media Seal Limited, affirmed that MARKETING EDGE has delivered on its brand promise in promoting the brand idea and also leading the frontiers and expanding the boundaries in promoting marketing and advertising knowledge.
“MARKETING EDGE has done well for itself in terms of getting the right industry news and even beyond the industry, because most times I go to their website for trendy headlines and then deep-dive to read more.  They have done well in the information segment, and also  in digging out the talents in the industry while having their opinions on topical issues, which also helps every other person. The publication has really done well in reshaping the landscape by disseminating authentic information and even being a reference point in some documentation. I say a very big congratulations to MARKETING EDGE,” she noted.
Ayodele Kupoluyi, Managing Consultant, Ashmaukups Ltd., confirmed that over the last 20 years, the platform has immensely gone beyond its brand promise while consolidating its position as the authoritative source of news, events, and happenings in the IMC sector.
“I will say MARKETING EDGE has even exceeded its brand promise in impacting the industry. For somebody like Mr. Ajayi, starting MARKETING EDGE was very audacious, because it was a period where people didn’t really believe in such type of magazine, he started and kept pushing, and some people started encouraging him. Today, he is not only doing the print magazine, he is also online, as well as on LED billboards and television
“It is a success story I must say. It also does annual awards. It is a name that is now very well-known in the industry and with the innovations that he is bringing into content, they will continue to grow,” he said.
“For the awards, I will say it has been fair because it is not just done unilaterally; but I feel they should still streamline it to make it more focused,” he added
Jude Odia, the Managing Director of Starcom Media Perspectives, said that MARKETING EDGE as the nation’s pacesetter in brand journalism, has consistently set new benchmarks in the industry.
“I MARKETING EDGE is a pioneer if I am allowed to use that word. It has helped to pioneer a whole marketing of brand journalism and, to a large extent, you guys have opened the space for other people to also play on a very fair basis. You have as well helped the entire spectrum of the industry in terms of advertising, creative, media and several others to really drive relevance and have visibility.
“We say congratulations to 20 years of value to the industry, and 20 years of innovative brand reportage aiming to remain relevant in the years to come. Competition these days is not really the essence; it is about collaboration, and MARKETING EDGE is already championing that space. The reward of good work is more work, so be ready because the industry is going to demand more from you,” he said.
Odia also lauded the organisation for recognizing excellence among professionals through its annual awards.
“The MARKETING EDGE award itself, in my assessment, is a good thing. If somebody has worked and people who have played key roles in developing the sector, it is good to recognize them. It encourages others who wish to do good things to do better, knowing that they will be recognized and those who have already been recognized, would be spurred to do more,” Odia said.
Tolu Medebem, President of Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN) and Chief Executive Officer of Aster Integrated Marketing Limited, said: “Over the years, I found out that MARKETING EDGE has always taken out time to balance its news stories. You know it is easy for one to take a side, but one thing I have found out is that they always try as much as possible to balance their stories, ensuring that it is not all about a particular party. I am actually excited because they are 20. In terms of sustainability; I take that as evidence of good leadership. I wish them the very best and I hope they will not rest on their oars.”
Eki Adzufeh, Chief Executive Officer, Alphabet Media Academy (AMA), and Executive Secretary of MIPAN, admitted that the Nigeria’s leading magazine, through its avantgarde journalism practice, has created a reputable niche for itself.
“MARKETING EDGE has come to stay, 20 years is a long journey and they have consistently led from the front. In addition to dissemination of marketing communications information, they are also veering into content creation in television. It shows they know what they are doing and we can only congratulate them and wish them to do even better. In fact, they have kept their promise.”
 Yetunde Adegbite, Cluster Managing Director- Vizeum, iProspect and Posterscope, who’s also the Assistant Executive Secretary of Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria, (MIPAN) said MARKETING EDGE has truly projected its brand personae as an  authoritative industry voice and, today, stands as an iconic media platform.
“MARKETING EDGE is one of the few magazines that we have in this industry and they have been very strategic in their positioning despite the economic headwinds in our hostile business environment. They have been strategic in speaking about brands and the industry and bringing information as it arises. It has tremendously impacted the industry beyond its brand promise. When you want to find out what is happening or trends, MARKETING EDGE has been able to put itself in that position.”
Henry Ononiwu, Head, New Business, Project & Partnership, PHD, extolled the publication for its strongwill and ability to survive the refining processes of the environmental hostilities, which he said is a testament of its impact across industry spectrum.
 “It goes without saying that, when it comes to the media landscape and the whole IMC, there are just a handful of publications that have stood the test of time, which MARKETING EDGE is certainly one of them. Any business that has grown and marks 20 years in Nigeria, certainly has something that it is doing right. Your impact in the industry is without a doubt something everybody can clearly see in terms of providing accurate information, covering events, and being that voice for the industry as a whole.”


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