IMC experts express divergent views on creativity

By Ibidunni Banjoko

The Nigerian Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) professionals have expressed divergent views on creativity in the industry. They, however, expressed unanimous views in separate interviews with MARKETING EDGE, on the fact that any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-changing world must take creativity seriously.

Commenting on the state of creativity in the advertising industry, Steve Babaeko, Chief Executive Officer of X3M Ideas said: “Creativity is going from strength to strength. Back in the days, nobody reckoned with Nigeria in our industry, we didn’t go close to global competition. Today, Nigerian agencies are not only participating in global competition but also winning. It means the state of the nation and the industry is quite strong and it will continue to get better; the company that will do well from now to the future must take creativity seriously.”

On his part, Tony Eguridu, General Manager at Michael Angelo Media Ltd, stated that to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-changing world, they must combine technology and creativity.

“Through creativity, the industry evolved with the introduction of new billboard designs, from creative engineering using technology-assisted tools, creating what seems like the impossible, which wowed the public. In the early 90s to 2000, there was a limitation on the variety of boards available at the disposal of the buyer. Thereafter, technology-driven initiatives began to change the narrative, introducing the electronic technology of LED Gantries, iconic Billboards, façade branding, and giving buyers multiple options to choose from,” he mentioned.

On his part, Otis Ojeikhoa, Managing Director and CEO, of Brands Optimal Limited, emphasized the importance of creativity among marketers.

“You need to be creative to find the right insights, especially on the premise of experiential marketing. First, experiential marketing, just like every other marketing practice, is a creatively founded enterprise. If you are not creative, you cannot find new ways of engaging the consumers. As we rightly said, the attention span has become shortened and the behaviour is volatile, so we need to ensure that we find new ways to catch them quickly and keep them volatile. You need to be creative to find the right insights.”


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