Hollandia Yoghurt Launches Gogurt, the Ajala, to Meet Consumers’ Needs

Hollandia Yoghurt has introduced a new yoghurt brand into the Nigerian market to delight consumers on the go. The launch of Gogurt, the Ajala, a one pack size, is the company’s quest to satisfy consumer needs and expectations.

Since it was introduced, Hollandia Yoghurt has strived to keep to its brand promise of Nourishing Goodness for Every Moment. It is a feat that has seen the brand become the most preferred and generic name for drinking yoghurt amongst consumers. Of the many pack sizes available to address varying consumer needs, one pack size that has become immensely popular is the 315ml Hollandia Gogurt pack.

Gogurt is a special pack designed for on-the-go consumption. Nicknamed “Ajala” because it goes with you everywhere you go, Hollandia Yoghurt Gogurt provides an easy and convenient way for lovers of the brand to enjoy its delicious goodness, while in transit. Offering the same nourishing goodness, Hollandia Yoghurt 315ml Gogurt pack is adequate for individual consumption and is the right drink to satisfy your hunger and thirst on the go.

According to Jennifer Dike, a nurse, “Commuting daily from my house at Egbeda to my hospital at Victoria Island means I would be constantly stuck in traffic to and fro. Spending long hours in traffic can sometimes be frustrating and challenging and requires a daily beverage companion to keep me nourished and refreshed for the day. I had seen the Hollandia Gogurt pack with some commuters in previous transit situations but did not know what to make of it until I got a pack for myself. The product stands way above other beverages offered in transit because of its refreshing, healthy, filling and has delicious taste. It is simply nourishing goodness on the go’’

Bursting with goodness inside and out, the various packs of Hollandia Yoghurt are filled with healthy nutrition, nourishing vitamins, power of proteins, strength of calcium, revitalising energy.

Chi Limited’s Managing Director, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, stated that “For us at Chi Limited, we have always been keen on offering products designed to satisfy the needs and expectations of our consumers. The Hollandia Yoghurt’s Gogurt 315ml pack has earned its place of pride in the minds of consumers who have made it their favourite companion because of the nourishment it provides on the go”

Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Gogurt” 315ml pack is currently available in traffic, kiosks, bukas, supermarkets, Chi shops, departmental stores and neighborhood shops across Nigeria. It is produced in Plain Sweetened, Pure ‘N’ Plain and Strawberry flavours.


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