Heineken’s interactive bottles engage consumers in new digital campaign

Heineken Larger Beer, a global premium beer brand, simply known as Heineken, has unveiled limited edition interactive bottles, aimed at engaging the brand’s teeming consumers, through a digital campaign, that deployed over 100 social media influencers.

According to the brand, the bottles feature expressions of the colours of the countries in the famous Heineken red star, creating a learning ground for consumers to connect with the brand. The experience is taken a notch higher with the addition of codes for each country which can be scanned using Shazam application, a mobile app used by hundreds of millions of persons worldwide and which is noted for its high-tech entertainment features especially for music identification and more recently image recognition. By partnering with the Shazam app, Heineken takes consumers on a unique journey as they view specially curated videos about different countries by simply scanning the Heineken bottle.

In the past, Heineken had curated campaigns that surged its market share. Take for instance, the ‘Trailblazers’ TV commercial that encouraged consumers to be adventurous. The campaign’s narrative is woven across four ordinary guys who were used to their comfort zone until a trailblazer among them showed them a new world of discovery. The storyline is tilted with this new campaign as Heineken opens a door of exploration for consumers by allowing them to learn more about various countries of the world through its ingenious bottle. It is more like travelling the world through a bottle.

Commenting on the campaign, Laolu Phillips, a marketing communications expert, described the campaign as a ‘technological and digital master piece’. He said, “Never has a brand connect to consumers in such an amazing way. Perhaps, the most exciting thing about the campaign is the palatable offer of standing a chance to travel to Amsterdam, the home of the international brand and to other European countries”.






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