Guinness unveils New 'Harp' logo

Guinness is set to have a new logo for the first time in more than a decade.

Since the 1800s, the distinctive harp has been synonymous with one of Ireland’s most famous exports, as it undergoes its latest revamp.

Both the harp and Guinness have been linked with each other since 1862.

guinnesslogonewBut now brand agency Design Bridge have breathed new life into the Guinness harp, by sharpening it.

The new-look harp has more defined ridges and the famous ‘Estd 1759’ is engraved in the harp’s body, instead of being written underneath it.

Design Bridge say: “Our new harp design is influenced by the rich heritage of the brand and each element has its own story to tell, such as the Est. 1759 type, which can be traced back to the metal stamped lettering imprinted in the ironwork and oak barrels at the Guinness Storehouse”.

“Collaborating with letterpress specialists New North Press, we experimented with different materials and layers to build up the brand mark, adding that all-important depth, tactility and drama”.

“It’s not often that you get to re-design one of the world’s most famous brand marks, so this project was a real labour of love and a shining example of our creative philosophy”.


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