Golden Penny reinforces brand commitment with Children’s Day Fest

By Felicia Nwosu

It was a fun-filled and exciting moment as children across Lagos State flocked in their thousands to participate at the Golden Penny Children’s Day Fest held at the Johnson Jakande Tinubu (JJT) Park, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

To celebrate Nigeria’s children, the foremost home of good food company treated them and their families to a plethora of engaging activities. Highlights of the activities included a bouncing castle, dance competitions, face painting, and a variety of sumptuous meals.

The event was further enlivened with exciting gifts, ensuring that fun was had by all, including the adults who joined in the merriment thus solidifying their loyalty to the Golden Penny brand.

Devlin Hainsworth, the Director of Foods and Commercial at FMN, shared exclusive insights with MARKETING EDGE amidst the bustling crowd of excited children. According to him, celebrating Nigeria’s children is a reflection of what Golden Penny brand stands for in all its portfolio of offerings, which embody its great quality, substantive value, great functional and nutritional benefits.

He emphasized Golden Penny’s steadfast commitment to consumer well-being, citing the event as a reaffirmation of the brand’s distinctive identity centered on nourishing the nation with quality food products.

He said there is no better way of expressing appreciation to consumers than leveraging a special day in the lives of their children to celebrate them through the Golden Penny children’s day fest.

Oluwatooni Odewole, Innovation Commercialisation Manager at Golden Penny, also spoke about the event, explaining how it reinforces the brand’s core mission of providing nutritious food daily.

She expressed excitement at the massive turnout, noting that the event, which drew over 10,000 children, demonstrates the company’s dedication to positively impacting consumers’ lives through both nutrition and entertainment.

Some of the children who shared their experiences with excitement said the initiative heightened their emotional connection and also deepened their brand loyalty for Golden Penny, underscoring the impact of the event. With much enthusiasm and optimism, they said they look forward to next year’s edition.

Some of the parents also commended the company for putting up such a remarkable celebration for children and for ensuring the safety of the attendees in all ramifications.

The Golden Penny Children’s Day Fest served as a reminder of the importance of community engagement and the power of celebration in bringing people together through moments of fun and entertainment. As Nigeria’s home of good food, Golden Penny continues to uphold its promise of enriching lives and spreading joy, one celebration at a time.


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