Guinness’ latest smooth operator is here, says O’Keeffe

“Today marks International Stout Day. As far as I am concerned you do not need a day to celebrate the world’s most iconic stout, but today is as good day as any day to remind the world of the heritage and craft that goes into every pint of the black stuff. Wherever in the world it is being consumed, Guinness quality and commitment means you know you are having something exceptional.”

The above pronouncement was made by John O’Keeffe, President, Diageo Africa during the International Stout Day.

He added: “Guinness dates back to the genius of Arthur Guinness, brewer and innovator, who signed a 9000 year lease on the St James’ Gate brewing site back in 1799. Ever since then, on that site in Dublin, Guinness has been brewed and innovations have come thick and fast. From widgets in cans creating the unique Guinness white head at home, to new and limited edition Open Gate varieties.”

O’Keefe also noted that Guinness’s relationship with African markets and consumers was a special one, adding that Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is the unique African Guinness brew designed for those who enjoy a stronger Guinness out of the bottle.

“Guinness has been enjoyed across the continent for decades – next year Guinness Nigeria will celebrate its 70th birthday.

“Many of our African businesses have Guinness in their name, Guinness Ghana, Guinness Cameroun and Guinness Nigeria. Guinness comes first. Across Africa Guinness symbolises a premium drink with character. It is simply #madeofmore, #madeofblack. Africa is also home to many special Guinness’ innovations – like Guinness Triple Black or Guinness Chocolate Stout in Cameroun,” he explained.

More significantly, the Guinness Africa boss said: “This year we have an important new member of the Guinness family in Africa. Guinness Smooth is launching in seven African markets. This is our most significant addition in Africa for many years and is already being enjoyed by consumers in Ghana, Cameroun and Nigeria. The latest launch was in Kenya were the local team went to town to showcase the distinctively smooth new Guinness with a series of events – not least of which was the arrival of the Guinness Flavour Rooms.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Guinness’ connection with the African consumer than this latest launch, and I am delighted that as ever we used the events in Kisumu Kenya to encourage more to #drinkpositive with our #jointhepact commitment.”

He concluded: “Today of all days we raise a glass to this icon and its wonderful future – across Africa and the world.”


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