EXMAN urges members to take advantage of pension scheme

Experiential Marketers’ Association of Nigeria (EXMAN), whose mission is to protect, promote and regulate the strategic interest of certified players within the Nigerian experiential Industry, has equipped its members on the benefits of  taxation and pension scheme and how they can also take advantage of the opportunities inherent, as well as ensuring that compliance and work are done  within the details of the law.

The hybrid event, tagged: “EXMAN Training 2021”,  held at the Hibrid Studio in Lagos, had Oluseye Arowolo, Partner, Tax  and Regulatory Services, Deloitte and Touche on the topic “Nigeria’s Changing Tax Landscape” and Lanre Oyenekan, Team Lead, Business Development at ARM Pension Manager; spoke on “Relevance of Pension in The Changing World”

EXMAN President, Tade Adekunle in his welcome address, said the essence of the  training was to educate and enlighten  members to help them understand the tax and pension scheme and how they can confront  some of the challenges they are facing in that aspect of doing business.

“The area of tax is where we have been having challenges. With the government going about it in a very brutal way, going after virtually all the companies under marketing communications and other companies in Nigeria, we are of the opinion that we need a better understanding of what is expected of us.

This is to really have a good understanding of the system and avoid falling foul of the law. That is why we asked the top management and finance management experts to become part of our training today,” he said.

He added that after the training its members would be able to manage their tax process on time not to wait for when there are issues.

Meanwhile, Mr. Arowolo pointed out that multiple taxations is a structural problem in Nigeria. However, he said for EXMAN members to take advantage of the tax system, they need to engage with professionals, do impact assessment, train staff members on new tax requirements and understand that by law, withholding tax can be brought forward amongst others.

Mr. Oyenekan stated that the importance of a pension scheme cannot be overemphasized as it mitigates future hardship and makes employees’ future secured which in turn boost productivity.

He said pension is expected to be taken from basic housing and transport allowances while the eight per cent is deducted as employee’s contribution and the employer on their part contributes an additional ten per cent and they should not be in default.

He urged EXMAN members to comply and speak to their pension managers when they have issues and those who don’t have them should as a matter of urgency engage one.

Similarly, Former EXMAN President, Kayode Olageshin stated that

“EXMAN is an industry association and one of the critical purposes of having an industry body is to be able to train our members and improve professionalism for our practice and compliance with government regulation which is a very key aspect of professionalism.”

He added that the training will help them to know how best to engage the authorities regarding the challenges their members are facing as regards tax and pension. However, he stated that tax reduction can be given to their members.

“Concession such as the one they (government) have with the construction industry where they have 2.5%, such things if it comes our way ~it~ is something that would also help our business significantly.”

Also,  Financial Secretary, EXMAN, Bola Oyebade stressed  on the importance of  taxation and the need for members to embrace it, as  many of its members are having issues with their taxes and the training, he believes, will make them compliant.


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