Enhancing accurate marketing research through collaboration

By Seun Johnson

The power of collaboration between marketing researchers and local businesses in Nigeria has remained the basis on which quality and accurate data on the needs and wants of consumers is predicated.

It is a strategy that provides invaluable insights into local consumer behaviour, preferences, and cultural nuances which in most cases, are overlooked by outsiders.

While the overall goal of marketing research is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impact customer behaviour, analysts believe that the knowledge of local businesses about the market landscape and existing customer relationships can help researchers access hard-to-reach populations and gather more representative data.

Such partnership between market researchers and local businesses can build trust and credibility within the community which can lead to more honest and transparent responses from participants.

Giving his professional perspective, Seyide Wusu, a Research Manager at Communication and Marketing Research Group (CMRG) explained that Local businesses are the heart of Nigerian commerce, with their fingers on the pulse of consumer preferences and buying habits.

In his words, “By partnering with them, researchers gain access to this rich, on-the-ground knowledge. This can be invaluable for crafting surveys, focus groups, and interview questions that resonate with the target audience. These local businesses also have established networks and relationships within specific communities. Partnering with them allows researchers to tap into these networks, reaching a wider and more representative sample of the population. They also provide a rich context to research data and help build trust and credibility for the research agencies.”

He submitted that local businesses act as bridges that connect research outcome and its legitimacy.

Another player in the Nigerian Marketing Research sector, Oluwakemi Oshone explained that as collaboration remains the lifeblood of progress in any field, it is particularly vital in the marketing research space where partnerships have become an indispensable practice.

By fostering partnerships, Oshone noted that research firms can pool their expertise, resources, and capabilities, enabling them to tackle complex projects with ease and efficiency. This synergy facilitates the exchange of innovative ideas, creative solutions, and best practices, ultimately leading to better research outcomes and enhanced client satisfaction.

She said, “Leveraging partnerships in market research can accelerate project timelines, reduce costs, and improve data quality. By collaborating, it is generally believed that marketing researchers can overcome methodological challenges, navigate cultural and linguistic barriers, and stay abreast of the latest research techniques and technologies. This will also enable firms to stay ahead of the curve, drive business growth, and make a meaningful impact in the industry.”

The field expert further corroborated the earlier views that partnerships are the cornerstone of success in the market research industry which enable firms to deliver high-quality research services, drive innovation, and build long-lasting client relationships.


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